Does this happen to you?

Sometimes I speak too fast without thinking and say incorrect things. Or I might be nervous in conversation and say incorrect things. Then in hindsight I think that was untrue or not what I wanted to say.

That’s why I like written communication, I can better express closer to trueness. I like to put thought into my words. I might wanting to be a perfectionist.

Once when the psy doc was going to ask me questions, I responded something like you want the the long answer, the short answer, the answer off the top of my head, the well thought out answer.

She then said, any answer.

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I wonder if there are any psy docs who ask patients to write down their answers?

When I’m symptomatic I have alogia or “poverty of speech” and just answer in “yes” or “no”.

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I do speak fast but it happens because of the anxiety or mania too. I made one of my doctors roll their eyes because I talked too much. What she did didn’t really matter to me.

Yeah I do say a lot of stuff incorrectly either because i’m talking too fast or I just don’t remember the stuff i’m talking about that well.