Have you ever just sat around and talked to your voices?

I have a few times. Nothing that interesting just bullshitting with one another. Have you?


For a while that’s all I did 99% of the time


I used to when I was in the shower. But then I got paranoid that it would turn into a psychosis- bc it’s a problem when you ever act on Anything the voices say, laughing even makes it worse.


Why not anymore?

Yeah, but mostly laughing at what they say.

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I tell them bastards to shut up.and they do.


good one ! wish that worked for me sometimes…
i have tried that and they just get REALLY abusive…

6mg invega daily

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yes. I even talk to them loud. i like my voices even when they insult me. they are my sole company…

How does laughing make it worse?

Yes I sometimes talk to Alien. He doesn’t always talk back but I know he’s there. He talks when he wants to not when I want him to.

I talk to Annette even when she is not talking. she is my friend. but why would you like to talk to an evil being like Alien?

Someone once told me that it’s a good idea to set half an hour each day to just sit and listen to what the voices have to say. They said that at first, the voices might not want to talk at all, but after a while, they might stop talking at other times and only talk during that half hour, so it could actually lessen them.

When I say “listen to what they have to say”, I don’t mean “do what they tell you”, I simply mean listening as in, what you’d do if you were talking to a real person. You hear them.

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I’ve talked to them. Sometimes they try to help me calm down. Sometimes they would tell me they are real beings somewhere. Either way I’d freak out about it.

They used to talk back to me all the time abusively but when im on certain meds i can get them to leave me alone.

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I used to spend most of my time sitting in my room talking with them and chain smoking, it wasn’t healthy though I think it just made me more delusional.

Fortunately I don’t hear any voices at the moment, though when I’m alone I still often talk to anyone who might be covertly listening