Have you ever get involuntary treatment from a mental hospital

i prob need an alighnment. never had one haha

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The lady said mine were way out of whack lol. I didn’t feel a thing. Idk about how I feel about what effect any of that stuff has. I’ve had reiki done while overdosed on cogentin. Not as a remedy. Just went to a gathering thing after taking to much cogentin while suicidal. I was there so figured I’d try it. This was post diagnosed when I was trying to get out of the house. I’d go with my mom to a lot of stuff. My life when sick is a comedy.

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Somehow I believe every word of what you say. I’ve experienced similar situations in psych hospitals.

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when I was put in the state ward, they gave me a shot of haldol…made me a zombie…eventually was put on risperdal…boo boo

they tied me up and beat me, and at the same time they repeatedly gave me exactly what medicines they wanted, despite my requests, they also managed to forcibly place me there without aggravation

I was involuntarily committed twice in 2016

I was forcibly given Haldol injections and this unknown drug that made me hallucinate

That hospital was a cesspool

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I’ve been involuntary commited once for a month. I’ve also been threatened to be admitted. And also threatened to be forced medication by my current psychiatrist. Don’t get me wrong I like her but ■■■■ that ■■■■.

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which country? 15151515

I was not in a state to choose medicine the first time I got commited, so I ended up taking zyprexa by chance. I did take it voluntary though.

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turkey 1515515151

I have always been told I can go voluntarily or they will section me

So I go willingly in the end so I can preserve smoking privileges

Been locked away before and that really sucked

Currenly involuntarily in a ward even though I would’ve consented to voluntary treatment but doc chose otherwise

Involuntary over a dozen times in 20 years probably

Just got out of an involuntary/voluntary stay. The staff were very helpful this time around. I think it depends on the state you go into it in.

When I was young, I was in lockdown a couple of times. Once, I remember, because I wouldn’t stop singing at the top of my lungs and was also going naked. Totally psychotic.

i have a pretty similar story, i was not in a state to analyse really, but somehow i counted i got put in hosptital against my will 14 times. I was also on injections against my will. ow that i agree i have to be on aps, i have a say what they are and what dosage

Yes, my first 2 hospitalizations. But my last one was great tbh.

Yes, first one guy tried to force me to swallow medication, and when that didn’t work they spiked a orange juice with meds that I got for supper. I went out like a light a few minutes after drinking it, face down on the bed with my clothes on was how I woke up.