Have you been bullied/rejected because of sz?

My high school friends treated me like ■■■■ and rejected me like trash. I hate them all and I hope they get cancer.

Geez. That’s a bit harsh.

I’m sorry you’re hurting over these people though.

I wouldn’t worry about them though, they’re probably shallow people.


I’m sorry you had to go through that.

I just advise not to carry hate in your heart. It’s too big of a burden to carry. I find forgiveness is a lot better and easier.

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Yes, luckily they were just internet gaming partners, I learned to hide my diagnosis.

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i’m sorry too. But like Content_lion says i would not carry the hate either. I’d try to let the hate go.

One of my brothers always rejected and sometimes bullied me for having sz. He makes fun of my delusions. He lives with me but I try to avoid him. My other brother is nice.

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When I was a kid I was bullied for not having a dad and living with my grandparents. Times have changed. There are lots of single parents now. This was back in 1967.

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I got kicked out of Catholic school for telling one of the teachers I might have schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Four years later, I ended up being right.

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An old friend of mine rejected my diagnosis. Said that if I was crazy then she was. It wasn’t really a matter of me being crazy more that I was not functioning. She used to tell everyone that I got a “crazy check”. That was fun. Haven’t seen her since I was 23. Kind of sad seeing as how good friends we were.

Kids can be cruel and very dumb. Try to let go of your disdain though. They probably all feel bad about it now if they have an ounce of morality.

I’ve been bullied by some people in my building. I have so much dirt on them I could probably get their asses thrown in jail.

But I’m a fairly forgiving person.

I used to think my bullies here were all feds. But they’re just dumb rent a cops with too much time on their hands.


If there’s an afterlife people will be lining up to apologize for bullying and I won’t forgive a single solitary one of them.

For the time being though, best not to carry a grudge. The best revenge is living well, so I try to be happy.


None of my friends rejected me. My friend’s mom told my friend to not hang out with me, but she came around and decided to stay. Even my Catholic friends accepted me.

But before I had sz, I was bullied heavily and was even abused. So not sure if sz plays a factor in getting bullied because I got bullied and rejected before I had sz as a child.

Never again. My childhood was absolutely horrifying.


I had an toxic friend through middle school all the way til i was an adult. She would constantly belittle me and treat me like an idiot. She would lie to me and use me and she was never there for me when I needed her. I used to care about her so much. Now I could care less about what happens to her.

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