Body conscious

When I sit down near my belly there’s a huge roll of fat folds over. :disappointed_relieved: Do you guys get the hat too.


Totally get that. I call them love handles!


I doubt it’s that bad. Looks better on you than me. Etc…

I have a gigantic spare tire and all kinds of defects.

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I think we’re all fat here. The meds cause a lot of that. Don’t worry about it


I’m thin but still have that bit of fat on my stomach. I’d have to work out at the gym to loose that but I don’t think it’s the medication. Just my age. Or metabolism


Yes, I have that problem too. I don’t like the way I look at all. I have gained a steady 2 lbs. a month for the past 14 months, and it’s really messed up my self esteem. I liked the way I looked before. Now I’m bleh.


I used to be conscious of my rolls. Then, I got incredibly sick and lost tons of weight. I was classified as underweight, and I was the skinniest I’d ever been. And when I sat down, I still got that roll of fat.

Don’t hate your body because it’s doing something totally normal that all bodies are designed to do.


No it’s hideous to me … but I’ve to accept it’s not going away

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also called a ‘muffin top,’
They have underwear called muffin tops.

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I can assure you @anon80629714, my belly is way bigger than yours. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yes I do it makes me feel ashamed and awkward

It’s very common to have fat folds when you sit down. Even really fit people will have them sometimes. Don’t trip

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I’m 48 years old and love beer. I’ve a beer belly and I’m so conscious about it!

I’ve come down from looking 6 months pregnant, terrible look for an old man, to being just showing. It’s a hard thing I’ve done but it’s worth it.

@anon80629714. It’s not bad to want to improve yourself. Do crunches and exercise. Walking briskly is good! Don’t obsess about it! That leads to problems! Do it the right way and not any short cuts because that is the way to go!


Yes I have a fat belly too. In my twenties I was flat there now I’ve grown a bulge. Hate it. Best to hide it so I forget it’s there lol! :laughing:

I have some, but I don’t think it’s huge. I’m a little chubbier than pre cancer Walter White from Breaking Bad. If you saw the one where he first started and he was cooking in his underwear in the desert because he didn’t want the chemicals on his clothes, you may not be thanking me for that visual lol.

Edit: Actually just pre chemo Walter White, I suppose.

But I only have 10 pounds to lose to look “average” for a 'Murrican.

I don’t look so great in really tight cargo shorts. Man-muffin top lol.

@anon80629714 I really doubt your belly is huge though. Most people in Western Countries do have a little bit of a belly. It’s normal.

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I used to be very self conscious about my weight, but after a time i just accepted it and told myself im going to be happy anyway

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