Have you a fat belly...............?

You have thick thighs mine are skinny I would feel normal with thicker thighs not skinny with a gut the size of a big screen

Come on. I have seen your photo and you are slim

I weigh 172 no matter what.

Sometimes it’s 171.7. And up to 172.3.

my weight doesn’t change more than that though…

When I lay on my back it is hard for me to get up because my belly is so big and my arms are so weak

Often mistaken for being “about to pop”
Am dieting now

fat belly yeah…

I’m skinny fat lol

No my ribs extend down to my stomach so it’s big bone.

Yes but im keeping control over it with a treadmill

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I don’t know what it is but people with mental illnesses tend to have fat bellies?


The antipsychotics cause weight gain :wink:

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I’m well aware of it I’ve gained weight as well because of them but it seems like there’s more to it than just antipsychotics cause weight gain

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Antipsychotics can cause your metabolism to slow down and you eat more. Fortunately I stay the same on abilify at 172. I used to be 140. It was a somewhat health wright gain for me

Clozaril made me gain 30 lbs in a month and I was working out/playing basketball/sleeping/eating/drooling

I was on the psych ward/rehab when I took clozapine

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i still have a really tight belly but it’s inner fat not outer so it’s really tight. I weigh 114 now and I can’t wait to lose 15 more pounds and be under 200 again…it’s been almost 18 years since I was thin before.

I have a 34 inch chest, a 34 inch waist and 38.5 inch hips. You can call that a fat belly (or butt), if you want. My cup size is B. I’m 5 ft. 8.5 in. weight: 156 lbs.

I have a jiggli big belly .

It sticks out more than my tits.

I have normal bmi at the moment though .:tada:

Maybe this will help.
There is even on that you can make with vicks vapor rup.

Yeah I sure have put some timbre on over the years :joy:

Only a little, i’m a thin guy

Yep i’ve got a fat belly :slightly_frowning_face: