Have u guys ever been out of meds. and what did u do about it?

This time only have 2 days of meds left. And my pharmacy said they gave me enough meds but they didn’t. Also had a monthly blood test I have taken so far. There has been a time I have gone with out meds.

When I would run out of meds my mom would ask the pharmacy for emergency pills and they would give her a few but I dont know if that’s standard or just that pharmacy

Ive also called my doctors in the past and asked them to call in a script

Im currently without meds but haven’t had touch with any doctor in a few months so not sure what to do in this situation.


my pharmacist was really good, he sent a fax to doctor, i had to wait a few hours. gave me 5 tablets but then told me my doc would do a repeat the week after so i could get them xxx

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I make damn sure that it never happens again.

I just run out of money and needed meds. Some pharmacies are good in giving you enough to last until you can pay. My local one gave me half a pack (two weeks worth). ER can help also. Chances you will get a lecture from the treating doc at the ER but they will help you out.

I haven’t been in this situation yet. I am on Medicaid so I don’t have to worry about the financial part of it. I would dread goings without meds and be constantly afraid of paranoia or a suicide attempt. If it were me I would go to the ER probably