Have friends ever tried to break you and your partner up?

Have they ever tried to and how did you know? Was it subtle or outright? I’m having some friend issues and I dont know if this is their intention or not.

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I have tried to break up a friend’s relationship before, but it was because he was being abusive to her. I have had friends try to break me up with abusive partners, also. But I’ve also had a friend try to break me up with someone just because they also liked that person. If your friend expresses issues with your partner, it is porbably a good idea to ask yourself whether you trust their judgment, whether their motivations seem good, and how much you trust your partner. If they just don’t get along, you may have to choose between them. Ive lost a friend before just because they didn’t get along with my partner, and ive said no to a relationship with someone because a good friend found them annoying.


It was not my friends, my gf’s friends tried really hard they were always in the way, eventually they succeeded. When your not part of the group they feel threatened


My boyfriend is extremely good to me not abusive in the slightest. It first came up when my two best friends said that I wasnt managing my time well enough. They said I needed to fix how i split my time between them, myself, my family, and my boyfriend. I talked to my parents about it to see if they saw an issue with how I was spending my time and like me they didnt see a problem. We talked about my order of priorities (me, family, boyfriend, friends.) I explained to my friends my order in priorities and that it’s how I was raised and it was my core beliefs. They havent been accepting of this and have been telling me that I need to change my priorities. It feels like they are jealous of him but I’m not sure if they are trying to get us to break up or not.

Maybe that’s part of where they’re coming from, is they want to always be included. I’ve talked to them and explained that I still hang out with them and will continue to do so. I will also never forget them. They haven’t been listening though and like I told ninjastar they are wanting me to change my priorities.

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Well, nobody likes being told they are a lower priority, but that is how it is. You get to decide how you budget your time between loved ones. If these friends have a history of being good, supportive friends, maybe you can find different ways to make sure they know they are still important to you. If they have a history of being petty, maybe it is time to branch out and get different friends.

Everyone is feeling a bit lonely and needy right now, because of lockdown. So if this isn’t typical behavior for them, that might be why they feel this way now.

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My voices and moans etc I heard we’re my friends having sex with my soulmate and trying to get him to not be interested in me anymore.

I had other voices too but this was a big one that went on for years.

To this day I dong know if it’s real.

He told me to cut my feet and he would stop having sex with my best friends and when I cut them so it bled he said that’s not deep enough .i refused to cut deeper because I couldn’t walk properly.

The father of my unborn sons friends hated me and threatened to kill me and unfortunately my partner couldn’t stand up for me so I couldn’t get over that then and started behaving badly to him because I was so disappointed and I kissed a girl (cheated)so we broke up but I wish I married him and had his baby.

I think that would ruin the friendship if they tried to break us up so they could have him instead.

What betrayal.

I have been bad but have improved.

I’m sorry for my wrongs.

I have never disliked a friends partner that I can think of and I have never been interested in a friends partner.

When I had those voices of friends moaning etc I broke up with them as friends.

They also said they pretended to love me and were paid to be my friends etc
And they wanted to kill me and tortured me.

I don’t need friends like that.

I rather not have friends than that drama.

I don’t have friends but have friends in spirit.

My best friend I had and I are nolonger close.

I’m devastated my baby was killed by me while psychotic.
I’m against abortion and animal agriculture for meat n dairy of humans.

My boyfriend and best friend I had would probably have sex and marry.

I don’t trust anyone?

Or do I?

Not nice stuff.


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No, I don’t think I’ve ever had a situation where anybody’s friends have tried to break me and a girlfriend up.

What I have had however, is girlfriends OF friends trying to break up my friendship with the guy.

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I’ve had friends of gf break our relationship up.

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One of my gf’s friends did that. I think she was jealous of my gf. She told her to get back with her previous bf but my gf refused. Then that friend accepted reality and became friend with me. I hanged out with my gf and her friend, we all danced together in a club. My gf went to the bathroom and her friend danced with me. Her friend was showing me her nails and asked me if they’re nice while talking very close into my ear.

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Yes, the love of my life was told they can do better than me.

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@ninjastar I’ve had things with one of them but this is new for the other. I wrote one of them a letter today explaining how I feel because I cant go on as things are. The next couple of days will determine what I do next.

@SacredNeigh7 I’m glad that you have improved. It sounds like you’ve been through a lot and still are going through some stuff. Just keep pushing forward. I believe in you, and if you ever need to talk I’m here to listen. I cant promise good advice but if you want advice I promise I can try.

@everhopeful @Aziz I could be wrong but im seeing a trend of women doing stuff. I myself am a woman but even I find women exasperating. I applaud all men who put up with us.

@anon40653964 well I think that the love of your life can do better then whoever told them that.


That really sucks.

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Hah, I’d like to think so too. I guess, I mean in reply to your quandary. Meaning umm… I think we could do better together, the love of my life.

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One of my x boyfriends friends didn’t like me because he wanted my boyfriend to be with his sister instead.

They really didn’t want us to be together.
They said so out loud and were awful.

I wonder if I could forgive my partner having sex with my best friends or even marrying one and having children.

My best friend I had might think I’m narrow minded if I am not ok with such.

Maybe I’m narrow minded but I don’t want to be a swinger or my friend be with my partner.

I do believe in forgiveness.

Maybe I could continue to love them even after such hurt.

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