My best? friend? has lately been

been pushing me to date men and I’m sooo NOT interested. I feel like she’s trying to get rid of me because she’s either seeing someone or wants to.

Last year there was this drop dead gorgeous hairdresser woman who was very interested in me romantically and my friend?? encouraged it. I turned the hairdresser down flat because no.1, she was loud and crass, no.2, she was a 20 year, former crack addict, no.3, there was no physical attraction between me and her because of my meds, and no. 4, I’m still in love with my best? friend?? Now, she’s pushing me towards men who are expressing interest in me and I’m not interested in them either.

Oh, I’m so heartbroken! And have been for many years now.

Sorry to hear it @SkinnyMe. Relationships can be difficult at times.

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