Have any of you used chinese medicine to traeta sz depression or social anxiety

have any of you used Chinese medicine to treat sz social anxiety or depression

I researched it. But in the end I was afraid to take the stuff I ordered. I wasn’t convinced that the stuff was safe.

I thought that would be the path I would go down. naturopathic solutions…diets and herbs and what not but it’s frowned upon here. not enough science I guess.

herbally there’s not much recommended for sz…I did find out about indian snakeroot from a sz. book which was a herbal tranquilizer of some kind or something, it had been used for sz in the past.

I have had acupuncture twice and an advice of herbs to use, but i was too unstable at the time to proceed with it. I dont want to try herbs anymore without researching precisely what they do and know whether it is safe, but i do consider trying acupuncture again. Let me know if you find anything good!

Indian snakeroot is where the first typical tranquilizer comes from, Reserpine. It still has the side effects of typical antipsychotics, like akathisia and high prolactin, though.


Nope. Besides, I can’t afford powdered endangered tiger penis unless I win a lottery or some such.

I have used Inositol to calm me down. It helps but not as much as pharmaceuticals

I have used Chinese herbal cream on a skin rash, it worked well but it smelled funny, I had no idea what it was made of.

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