Hate when ppl try to downplay my experiences with sza 🐼

When ppl try to tell me I’m not schizowhatever and they’re not a doctor, and I’m doing pretty good on medication. Like this lady at Iop last night I mentioned abilify and someone said “I never heard of an Anti depressant working” and I said "well it’s not an antidepressant " since every antidepressant I’ve taken has made me psychotic…so I go on and say it’s an anti psychotic she says and downplays it’s power by saying "oh it helps with mood and clears your thoughts a little…trying to downplay my experiences …ya sure it helps that but also helps with voices, intrusive thoughts, paranoia, delusions and all the schizo symptoms I’ve experienced. She could’ve “guessed” I’m bi polar which im not she’s a social worker making assumptions . I find it annoying when therapists don’t give you enough credit for what you’ve bren through. When I’m off my meds im in a complete state of psychosis 24/7 near instantly and she tries to downplay my ability to recover by downplaying my illness…annoying

■■■■ 'em…or something. i mean…right?

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I’m probably gonna be vocal about it in group today…overall “■■■■ em” but I need to let it be known how i feel. Maybe one of the other tcs will give me advice how to better stand up for myself in these types of situations going forward.

An easy way to combat this is taking the time to develop an understanding of how these medications work. There are hundreds of studies, information, all kinds of stuff on them!