Hate the motorist

I was driving on the main road for around 70km/hour and this motorist just came to the main road from a small road without even looking,should’ve horn him…that SOB

Were you on a bike? Sounds scary. Good thing you made it. Driving can be terrible esp in large cities.

My brother was using my car to take a girl on a date and some guy tried to swerve into his lane at the last second without signaling and he slammed into the corner of the car and sped away.

My brother and his date were fine, but my car sure isn’t. Making all kinds of scraping and squealing noises and now we have to take it into the dealership. Some people are just idiots on the road, what can I say.

I can’t really judge too much though, I’m often one of those idiots on the road myself! :smiley:

I am very slow,my reaction is slow on the road,maybe it’s just confidence when I driving from home to work or work to home I drive confidently…

I am driving a car,yea,luckily I didnt ran onto him but I should’ve horn him…

Yeah I usually go years with out using my horn. When the time arises I never have the impulse to use it.

Yea,I also do not have the impulse to use it,i thought it was a kind of aggressive behavior but it’s actually not

That was really dangerous. I hope that the guy wouldn’t have caused any other serious situation for himself and others. Maybe, he missed checking or something else was running on his mind…Whatever the reason would have been, that was certainly dangerous and unreasonable. Relieved that no serious harm was made.

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If use the horn with a reasonable manner,it is not offensive I think

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