Has your illness turned you into a hermit?

I don’t leave my house bc I get nervous in public. Afraid I might blurt something stupid out.


Yes, it’s turned me into a hermit. I don’t actually have any friends to visit anyway. Maybe if I did, I could visit them.


I have friends, but they’re full of drama and I hardly see them. I need new friends.


There’s always some kinda drama in my family…


Me too, I don’t like socializing because I have very limited friends, let alone real friend. I do enjoy occasional visit to one of my friend’s computer shop, the nursing home where I lived before, and that’s all of them.

I have no freinds to hang round with. I have a neighbour who lives near me also been ill. I bump into her like I did today I should ask her for a coffee
I do volunteer work also


I’d like to volunteer at a soup kitchen. That week I was out of food gave me an appreciation for food

I think I’d put it this way: My illness has enabled me to discover the strong positive benefits of solitude. People are wonderful, yet as others here have pointed out, they tend to be ‘full of drama’. That causes highly significant problems even for people without this illness!

Solitude is a beautifully positive thing that allows clearer self-discovery and development. It removes all the external static and conflicts. Naturally, we still have our own inner problems, but those are so much easier to understand and work on without all that external confusion.

When used well, solitude makes us better people. Then, whenever we do hang around other people, we have a better capacity to understand them also.


A little yeah. The friends i have are good, but i dont have alot and they are busy often. I need more freinds.

Hope you will be meeting new friends soon!

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Unfortunately, no. Hermitism is something I aspire too, but that Mrs. Pixel doesn’t allow.

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i have one year that i diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia( thought my neighbor spying me)(lol).
and i have to admit that iam social less .:frowning:

yeah Im a hermit…haven’t had a life in 15 yrs

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sorry to read that karl

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I force myself to leave the house to get supplies, do some part time work, and a small amount of socialization (which I usually wander away from if there is a group over two or three).

Over the past few days I have been having a hard time and accidentally drawn lots of attention to myself by talking to myself (apparently pretty loud, but I don’t notice until someone gives me a look), becoming very upset, and some crying I could not control. Everyone either ignored me or was not mean to me and a stranger offered to get me some water when I couldn’t stop crying. And gave me a tissue. Which made me feel better though sorry for disrupting his day.

I would never go out if I could avoid it. But I am still not a hermit even though it would probably be for the best.

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I was told there was only 2 places for me famous or a hermit…unless my symptoms ease up it will be forsure hermit lol

u could be both as a famous hermit :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Who like knows kung fu and people come from far and wide to learn the secret of my technique…but first they must answer 3 riddles…famous hermit

I am definitely more of a hermit now since getting schizophrenia.

I use to go out several times a week with various friends. Now I see a friend here and there, about once a month at an empty diner in the beginning of the week.

I think my illness has turned me into a hermit. Outside of the day group I attend 3 days a week, I don’t interact with anyone very much. I go home and pretty much stay home. I get to where I don’t really want to be bothered. I suppose that’s a bad thing. I probably should get out more.