Has your clinical psychologist or pdoc laughed at you?

Mine i was talking about somethings and she burst out laughing and was trying to compose herself but I never intended to say it as a joke … I tend to have that effect on my partner who tries to tell me that’s cute so I dont feel bad … but it wouldn’t be an intentional joke… so I just don’t get what’s funny


No my pdoc didn’t laugh at me - instead he got irritated at me. Also not pleasant to experience! Feel so alone as he said he can’t help me anymore. The pdoc I went to before him said the same thing - that she can’t help me anymore. Am I such a freak then? I feel like saying to them.

Now I have to go to state sector pdocs as my last pdoc said.


Yes maybe once or twice my previous cbt therapist was trying to hold back a smile lol cos wat I said was funny to her. It wasn’t at all meant to be :frowning_face:


My pdoc smiles and yawns regularly. I guess I must be sometimes funny and sometimes boring.


No, that never happened to me.

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Yes, when I had told them that I have captain beefheart’s mustache intertwined with my brain neurons in my head


I dont mean this in a rude way but thats kinda cute

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Yes. She actually just asked me the other day if other people do that to me too. If I say things that people laugh at that weren’t meant to be funny.

I’m not sure if I do. :thinking:

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I had one laugh at me after yelling ‘do you think people are out to get you?’

I was so mad that I just looked at him in silence and stopped answering his stupid questions.

I refused to see him again.


No but I’ve had a pdoc fall asleep during our session.
He was ancient.


Oh no! Did you have to wake him up?

Lol he was nodding back and forth.
This was one of my first pdocs.
Happened years ago

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No Dr ever laughed at me, once I laughed at one Dr and he got mad. He asked me if I was laughing at him. He had very white hair (all his hair was very white) and he looked like Santa, I couldn’t control myself lol


His nose was big too so he really looked like Santa lol

I’ve always been afr[quote=“Aziz, post:13, topic:211542”]
No Dr ever laughed at me, once I laughed at one Dr and he got mad. He asked me if I was laughing at him.

I’d be afraid to laugh at a pdoc. I would imagine they would put all sorts of nasty stuff on your record and put you on some med that would make you drool all over yourself or something.

i always complain in my time limited to me with him
i love him it is not big issue if he did

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