Psychiatrists and their fun poking

Hello friends,

Do you feel that psychiatrists should be able to “tease” you/make fun of you, as long as you and the doctor know they are just joking?

For example: I once brought an apple for my psychiatrist. Now, I struggle with an ongoing battle with self harm. When I gave him the apple, he said “Oh, are there razor blades in it?”. I thought that was in really bad taste.

Where do you draw the line? Has your psychiatrist/case manager etc., ever made you feel bad with humor?

Thanks for reading, take care!

How sweet it was to give your doctor a apple.maybe he just didn’t know what to make of it or was silently commenting on how many evil people there are not speaking of you by any means.


No I don’t think it’s ever ok for them to do that. It’s incredibly rude and insensitive. I remember when the pdoc I saw laughed at me when I was trying to explain the telepathic voices I heard to her. I asked her if she knew what telepathy was and she laughed and said no but maybe the government would, completely making fun of me.

Geez that whole visit made me so mad I never went back.


Man the psychs I’ve been to always kept things brief and never really got the scoop on what I was going through. They’re ■■■■■■■ useless. I mean they know their meds. But they are really only good for writing scripts. Some people probably have better care available than I do. Back to the community health center again. Takes 3months to get an appointment.

Anyways in fifteen minutes meanings there isn’t a lot of room for humor.

Eh I think I’m done seeking professional help. I’ve made great strides in recovery on my own.

That doesn’t sound like a very good joke for a doc to make. Can’t really do anything but let it go.


Yeah that’s stupid she should’ve steered you away from thoughts of a govt tech. People who believe in that are pretty stupid. Computers can’t generate voices like that. Haha I just heard I very clear human voice say “yes we can” that was pretty ■■■■■■. That means they do have the tech and it’s interactive and they’re watching. Lol well ■■■■. Still sounds ridiculous to me. What are you gonna do.

Actually yeah if I had been under some kind of govt delusion at the time that would have mad set me off. (Thankfully I’ve never had delusions of that kind before, only bizarre ones)

But basically pdocs are pill dispensers. Even the diagnosis process I found was ridiculous. They read off questions that sound like they come straight from one of those online quizzes and expect straight yes or no answers with no clarification on anything. I mean literally anyone could find a pdoc and then just lie about all the questions to get drugs. That’s how little the pdoc I saw actually cared/investigated my case.

Wow man my voices just got weird. ■■■■ creepy ■■■■. Leads to delusions. Full sentences and the like. Why is when I quit thinking of them they change up their game and keep me paranoid.

I know nothing of the universe. Or telepathy or anything. I don’t want to believe it’s real but that one statement has really set me off.

Oh well I’ll probably forget about it in a couple days.

“That’s what you get for ■■■■■■■ with us, stop talking with your mind” an ultimatum.

I’ve never had one use humor on me. I have been kind of surprised by the hostility of one psychiatrist. I didn’t think I had given him any reason to be that way. It is possible that that kind of thing is some kind of a ploy by your pdoc to try to get you to vent emotion. That’s just a thought.

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It’s alright, mine do that all the time, you’ve just got to ignore them or they’ll work you up. It’s all just words, words, words.

Yeah, ■■■■ just got super real and I’ve had way to much caffeine. Nothing unusual but damn something just click and now it’s real o_O. I thinks it gonna be a long night.

Gotta find ■■■■ to focus on.

Hmmm. This is interesting, I’m paranoid again. I’ve been struggling for control of my mind for so long that I haven’t really had time to be afraid. I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’m comfortable and then I get those messages. ■■■■■■■ crazy. It’s all in my head, it always has been.(rocking) it’s all in my head it always has been. Lol

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My pdoc doesn’t joke… hasn’t ever cracked a smile at my jokes…

He is perfectly serious at all times… he reminds me of Data on star trek. Not hostile, but not a guy for joking.

I’ve been working with him… trying to humanize him.

I even pulled out a great joke the other day… and he raised and eyebrow. That is progress. I made note of it.


You’re doing great Bryan! Keep yourself calm too. Do something pleasant and distracting. Watch your favorite netflix show or something I donno. I wouldn’t suggest continuing to post about the paranoia though it can make it worse the more you think about it…time for damage control :sunny: you can do it


I really don’t know what to make of it. Minds kind of blank it all sounds like bs. Things are kind back to normal now. Regular voices, it’s raining so I can’t tell if my mind is just contorting the sound or if I’m hallucinating.

It just doesn’t seem like it’s in the mind. It’s starting to seem like there are entities in my room making whispers and ■■■■. Aggressive little clicks and ■■■■. Don’t like it one bit. Makes me think the universe is conscious. Hopefully it’s just the rain. I don’t want to hear disembodied voices. It sounds like real audio.

All I can make out it

Your different

And some other garbled ■■■■. Gotta keep an eye on this. ■■■■ I was doing so well.

My experience has been so bizarre up until this point. I know all I need is time to get over this.

I really needed a break from people which is why I came home, but ■■■■ has just gotten weird from there.

Struggling, I can’t allow myself to validate spirits or else I’ll probably end up making that ■■■■ real. I need some heavy distraction.

Yes, you’re experiencing distortions in perception. Remember your brain’s danger mode is activated so you’re going to feel like there’s things around you to try to rationalize it. Your brain is going to be looking for threats and making them up if it doesn’t find any. If you need a heavy distraction find it, because otherwise your mental state will only escalate. Focus on reality, stuff you’ll have to do, what objects are in your room, yada yada. Once my helper voices just kept asking me mundane question after question to keep my mind off the scary stuff until I fell asleep. It was very helpful.

You’re safe, I promise. I’ve been there before (like literally all of this week except tonight) you’ll get through!

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Yeah I don’t feel threatened and the only thing I’m afraid of is it becoming permanent. It’s kind of hard to ignore because it sounds like real audio I’m not used to that and don’t know how to block it out.

It doesn’t bother me they are statements just odd words. At first it seemed like things were literally in my room but that’s ■■■■■■■ bs. It’s just air.

I’m just gonna keep writing on here. Don’t know about what.

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If your on meds and still feeling the way you are you need to tell doc.

The meds may have madw it worse.

And as for being stuck like that? Ive been there for 20 yrs it wasn’t until I accepted it that I felt better.

I joke around about my illness with my psychiatrist and with friends as well. One time my psychiatrist told me he saw me in the city after our previous appointment and we laughed about the idea of him following me around. I think it is a sign of trust that we can use humor. I like to take an ironical stance towards the symptoms sometimes, especially while in an episode I get really ironic against my voices and tempting delusions, it helps me cope.


Thats how I feel now that ive accepted it making light of it makes me feel better.

Not everyone is like me and thats good but im pretty sure that ill never be able to change it so I admit that by society’s categorical definition im a nut case…so be it.

Ive seen more than a few “normal” people that seem worse than me because they can’t deal with their emotions and I believe that is something we should all be proficient at.

Maybe the world would be a better place if we all were.

One positive effect of my sz is it made me aware of my limitations so I can now be comfortable living within them.