Has this happened to you?

People (nurses, doctors) are insulting you every chance they get. Even going so far as to whisper and mimic the sounds of voices under their mask.

Is it in my head? They swear that could not be going on because of legal and ethical reasons, but why would they be honest about it?

I’m losing it. Nearly two weeks on meds and I’m not feeling much better. In fact I’ve never felt this slushed.

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Don’t worry, that’s impossible, as they can’t know what the voices sound like.

2 weeks is nothing. It takes ages for the meds to build up in your system.

Best of luck with the meds.

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They put me on meds and kept me in the mental health facility for 5 months before they were satisfied with my progress. I agree with @everhopeful, 2 weeks is nothing.

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This is a large topic, hard to really deal within a forum thread. Especially in this forum. Plus, I’m Supposedly Tom Cruise and all that Happy Horse Pucky.

When I was at the hospital I thought the nurses were whispering things about me.

I don’t believe you really hear nurses being insulting, especially if you haven’t done anything to provoke it. In the private room behind the nurses station they’ll talk bad about you if you’re trouble. They referred to one patient as the hemorrhoid at my last hospitalization.

I was being pushed to the ICU on a stretcher by a nurse a few years back after I overdosed and she kept saying “you did this for attention, didn’t you?” and she said it over and over until I just agreed with her to get her to shut up. I hear other comments all the time about psych patients from nurses and techs every time I’m in the ER psych area waiting to be admitted. They’re supposed to be empathetic but I think they really don’t like psych patients.


They feel superior to us.

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Finally, there’s someone here who is shorter than me.


@velociraptor LOL … I think I’m short than Tom Cruise!

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