Has therapy worked for you?

What was the therapy? How did it work? What exactly did it do? What did it help with?

I have been in therapy for a while now. With my previous therapist, I did a lot of CBT for a good chunk of time. With my current therapist , I am reading on Mindfulness and CBT on my own - she recommended the books.
In her office, I will bring up what is on my mind, we talk about it for a while - not spending a long time on each subject.
She is very laid back and likes to conduct her therapy sessions in a very laid back non structured way.
What she does (I like this about her) she will discuss how I am doing on my meds - going over how I am feeling on a particular medication and looking at how I am doing on that dose. For a clinical psychologist she knows a lot about the different psych medications and likes to discuss - when I bring it up


I’m looking for a CBT therapist myself. I started reading the books, but I should also have the verbl support. It’s a talk therapy, after all.

Anyway, other kinds of therapy only gave limited results, but nothing really helpful.

I once had a couple therapist stop answering my phone calls when she heard that I was SZ. No explanation, nothing, she just refused to further work with me and my husaband. We had really big marital issues at the time…

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I have had 4 rounds of therapies and unfortunately for me they made me worse. Talking about my problems shatters the glass of my fragile mind. Need to put up a protective front or I give in to the thoughts.

But as a way of disclaimer this experience is quite rare. I have heard testimony of miracles happening via talking therapies.

Has it worked? No. But I’ve heard it has for others.

I was sent to see a psychologist when I was fourteen, I was putting up with emotional abuse from my girlfriend and had given up on school. I found that at this age I lacked the kind of insight required to get anywhere in therapy and that when introduced to my girlfriend this psychologist saw only the bubbly and quick witted façade and decided I should consider myself quite lucky to have such a girlfriend.

My next experience with a therapist was when I was 23 and I’d rather not talk about it. I’ll say only that while I was losing touch with who I was at heart and spiraling towards psychosis all this therapist did was instill in me fears, insecurities and delusions I suffered long after I quit going to see her.

I’ve found that what works best for me is group therapy, I am much more comfortable in a group setting than sitting across from someone in an office.

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I have found that bias against sz prevented the therapist from having a clear understanding of my problems. While I am sz other people can still really be discriminating against me. It was not a clear case of my just being paranoid. There was a kernel of truth to my paranoia. They were really against me. My thoughts were way out there sometimes but some people were really giving me problems.

I need therapy because of therapy. :smiley: I went through family counseling as a teenager, and it was hell…it dissolved into screaming matches, confrontations, and bad feelings. Both parties dreaded going into it. And the whole while, the therapist is like “This is good…this is progress.” BS. We walked away hating each other more.

Therapy worked/ keeps working for me.

It helped me get over my guilt, it helped me get out of some of my sneaky brained thinking… to this day… it still helps…

Anger management…

And it takes the stress off my sis who for a long time was my primary care giver until I started taking a more active roll in my recovery.

All the dark things bubbling around in my head… I can lay on my therapist desk and not worry my sis. She’s perfectly willing to listen but sometimes it just feels easier laying the dark stuff on someone else… someone who doesn’t have to live with me.

I still go to therapy. I’m glad I’m able to.

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Group therapy was worth the time I spent but didn’t really help me more than to understand other’s problems and enhance my social skills.

Individual therapy, for the most part, has been a waste of time. I did benefit from talking with my last therapist, she was quite good and I enjoyed the time. Usually the therapists I’m assigned to aren’t very good. I sometimes think of going back but I missed so many appointments I’d feel weird asking to start again.

with ptsd,ocd chronic depression
makes me feel normal-ish
everything but sz
take care

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