Has anyone thought about having some sort of support/friendly group chat?

Just curiosity got best of me, like does anyone have Kik? Maybe we could create one? Anyone ever think the same thing?


Irc could be an option too

I think this forum has a few advantages over a simple chat.

  • posts can be moderated (huge deal… many posts can be triggering or offensive)
  • posts can be modified after they have been published (correct grammatical errors, use better language to express your ideas)
  • posts can be liked (big boost for the poster) or flagged
  • it keeps a history of EVERY post
  • it has a search function that helps you find virtually anything in the archive

Wasn’t dissing this… Just curiosity if anyone had the same thought. I quite like this forum

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Is sya if there was a chat room in the forum it would be great

Yeah… Its just it can get quite lonely being schizophrenic and not having many friends at uni. Be nice to communicate with not only people who understood my condition but people in general

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The forum used to have one. It was a free-for-all for trolls and predators. It was closed down and we won’t be adding that functionality again.

@Sourkoala, just want to make sure you’re familiar with our policy on anonymity - it is against the guidelines to ask forum members to join you on another platform or to request personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers or chat handles.


I tried to set up a support group on meetup.com in my city but only one person has joined so far. I guess we all must be so ashamed of our condition to meet in person. And it is so rare…

Why can’t I privately message anyone on this any more ? Id like to message @Sourkoala to tell her that I have a kik and also that we have somethings in common like we both have schizophrenia, lonely and have been to uni…

What is a uni? A university?

yeah @Gina2 uni means university.

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Thank you for your reply. I have sza and have been to uni. But, I’m not lonely.

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I’m happy to hear you aren’t lonely, do you have lots of family and friends ? @Gina2

Hey, this is why you’re unable to send pms. When you first created your account you kept asking people to email you and chat with you. Please see our forum guidelines about anonymity.

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I go to a schizophrenia chat room on ircstorm when im bored.

Here are the forum guidelines @Rhubot was referring to.

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