Anyone want to chat? (8/23/2014)

Does anyone want to chat? I was feeling bored and set up a channel on IRC.

It’s not permanent, it isn’t affiliated in any way with this site, and it’s just to do some light chatting with people from the forum. Everyone here is welcome.

I put a password on the channel so only someone from the forum can enter.

Here’s how to join.

If you use an IRC client

- server:

The connect command is /join #szchat szchatters

If you don't have an IRC client

- Go to - Enter a nickname (preferably the same one you use here so we can recognize you) - Make the channel name area empty (nothing in the text area) - Click the Start button - At the next screen type /join #szchat szchatters

I’m there now, not sure how long I’ll stay, it’ll depend on if anyone else shows up.

I chatted briefly with @mortimermouse. The channel is registered so it’ll still be there if anyone wants to try it.

it lost the connection

its not working for me, it dropped the connection

Disconnects happen sometimes on IRC. Not sure of the cause in this case. I’ll be back in there a bit later, I have some programs I need to install, I reformatted my computer tonight. Maybe try again in a bit?

maybe the server cant handle it? I dont know much about computers except how to pirate stuff.

ill get back on it

Afternet is a good IRC network. It could be any number of reasons.

you and alien know way more about computer stuff…so does my friend Bogdan the druggie programming wizard. He’s like a level 50 wizard and hes 20

im going to bed, my friend is asleep on the air mattress and Im ready to have my trippy dreams and wake up with a boner and pop a xanny lol

I hope the chat thing becomes popular that would be awesome, never a dull moment with like 100 schizophrenics talking at once

There is a schizophrenia chat. I’ve been on it a few times. They don’t allow people to talk about other forums on it. So i didn’t even think about putting this site on it.

Malvok, do you have friends of similar interests? Talking with a friend who has something in common with you would be lovely. I am looking for people who have a similar mind to mine.

I do. I just thought it would be cool to chat with people from the forum.

certainly , it IS cool chatting with someone from this forum because we have already know a bit about this person such as his medication and some everyday habits. This background knowledge makes conversation smoothly.

Your both the same site