Schizophrenia Chat Support

Hey there. I ran a google search for a support chat and this website popped up. I am newly registered and am really looking for a person to chat with that understands the situation. I have clicked around the website and have not been able to find anything. Ideas?


Which situation???

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These forums are used for chat - just post your message and you’ll get a response. Its used by people all over the world at different times of the day or night - so it works better than traditional “chat” applications


you could reply or start a topic, you are a new user though so i think what you can do may be limited atm.

also it may not be a good idea to use your name, you can ask mods to change it for you, anonymity is a big thing here.

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Hi @MarcJWaters Welcome :slight_smile: I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia like 6 years ago. This site is good for talking with other schizophrenics

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I. Am. Sza.

Also wit undiagnosed post traumatic stress disorder and quietly severe anxiety.

I take invega and propranolol, with side effect meds to help wit what invega can dew to your body.

Point is thus,

Paranoia rules sz and sza.,

Is paranoia commonsense birthed from a negative environment?.,

An atmosphere with disk-hush-ting intentions to destroy tha lite ov inspiration as you daydream comfortably?.,

Don’t ask me.,

I’m rambling.,

Never give up on yourself!!! !! !!!

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Hello @MarcJWaters. This is the place to be if you are sz, sza, bipolar, or otherwise psychotic in any way. Welcome to the forum!!


notice, anyone else can post on here but me.

You basically just post topics and people reply, and if you really connect with someone or want to talk more in private send a message. This isn’t a support chat site in that there’s licensed therapists specializing in schizophrenia or anything, it’s just a bunch of people who also have it or related disorders who share experiences, triumphs, worries, etc.

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