Has anyone taken Ingrezza?

My dr prescribed them to me for tardive dyskinesia and i hated them and now he wants me to go back and try again.

What was your experience? thanks

I haven’t taken it yet. Why didn’t you like it? What was the side effects?

I made a habit of pacing around from being restless. So when i started taking it, it felt like it was forcing me to sit still. I would try and pace and i would get dizzy/confused. I don’t go to the gym as often as i like but i don’t get dizzy. When i was taking it i was still going to the gym and almost passed out driving home because i was so dizzy.

Instead of curing the dyskinesia. It would just punish me for pacing. when my doctor asked me to try it again. i said no and that he would need to give me a treat or something i said jokingly. and then he pulled out something from his you know what. and i said fine. I told him it could have been the heat which made me dizzy or working out dehydrated. So ill try again maybe around November. I still have some left and i could just take it at random. I have some 40 mg trial left and 80 normal left. if i left bad on the trail i don’t want to take the normal dose. But besides that i didn’t take it to long to notice long term side effects. I could* simply be allergic to something in it and it works fine. He told me to look up people on youtube who have taken it.

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