Has anyone seen Blade runner?

I’m watching American dad right now . Well I’m on my phone laying down in the dark listening to this cartoon. They made a comment about animals, surgeons,doctors and robots not going to heaven. Then they asked if anyone seen blade runner. I didn’t see the movie but when I was younger my sister and I use to play the pc game. Inoticed how they emphasized the morality of genetic coding/ engineering and cloning. It’s relevant because it’s 2016 and I feel like technology is getting us in trouble more often. Now they are letting humans fly drones and making 3d printers to make guns. Even the excessive amounts of information that’s available to us with just a click of a button can put us behind bars.

It’s a great movie, you should watch it.

I’m trying to find it on YouTube. I might have to download it

Some of the emerging technologies have scary implications. They’re learning how to manipulate cells so that they can halt the aging process and enable people to live 250-300 years with the body of a 25 year old. The way they’re getting the neurocircutry of the brain mapped out has scary implications. They’ve learned how to clone animals and produce an exact genetic replica of that animal. They say that the development of flying drone technology is in about the same state as the technology of the airplane was at the beginning of the twentieth century. All these cameras watching us is scary to think about.


It’s good. The book is better but different. I like them both immensely.

It’s an interesting concept. The lead character ‘Retires’ Humanoid robots that are indefinable from humans…the morality play is that he’s really a murderer who gets away with it and it affects him. That is the movie but he runs away with the robot and lives a happy life…

The book is darker. He’s obsessed with his electric sheep. He can’t have sex with the robot and it fry’s him but a weird thing happens with this underlying religious rubbish. Way more deeper and interesting if you have the stomach.

Worth exploring but if your psychotic or symptomatic sci fi can often breed delusions…

that isn’t worthwhile investigating…it’s all just what it is.

A friend in the struggle,


Everyone always focuses on the bad things. 3D printing tech is a real game changer:

Oh, and I’ve seen Blade Runner. Awesome.

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You’re a smart kid @haete… with your illness though you should always keep your world view in check.

Genetic engineering hasn’t been developed that far.

We can modify genetics. We’ve written an entirely artificial cell, but we have not even begun to touch the depths of complexity of multi-cellular life forms.

It’s a morbid science as failures are bound to occur. The test tube concept is still impossible. The womb is the only place that can harbor the process of developing a life-form. Which means the mother is at risk. Humans still experiment on animals, but it’s a disgusting and contorted process to try and engineer new life forms.

Even the artificial cell was just the insertion of a genome into an already living cell.

As far as 3D printing guns… You still need a barrel and a combustion chamber. Most 3D printers use thermal plastics and when bullets explode they generate heat. You’ll see that they basically become useless after one shot and are highly inaccurate.

Drones are a terrible blight on the countries we use them in… but they save our soldiers lives. That’s war for you.

I’ve got no advice beyond noticing that you are doing a lot of exploring of what’s out there. I went through the same thing. I got delusional about it and eventually came back.

Just don’t do anything drastic.

You are an American citizen, you live in the richest and best defended nation in the world. Everyone around you is in the same boat as you. You have more opportunity than most of the human population to live a peaceful life and be content.

Just keep it in check.

… and yes I’ve seen Blade Runner. It’s a personal favorite. If you’re into that kind of worldview read “Neuromancer” by William Gibson.

Bladerunner is my favourite film.

Blade Runner …one of Ridley Scotts best movies I thought… I didn’t like the Alien movies all that much because they were just too dark weird and gross to me…there was a fair amount of influence in the alien visuals from Geiger’s work such as necronomicon…about blade runner…wasn’t Philip k dick a schizophrenic?


P K dick was a pretty eccentric and isolated and a pothead… He certainly had some schizomemtic experiences. He was also probably very interested in schizophrenia and mental illness. This doesn’t really manifest in the movie and I haven’t read the book because it was too different.

I don’t think he was ever formally diagnosed, but his portrayal of Horselover Fats was pretty extensive into a person with religious delusions and multiple personality… to a degree it was most certainly fictional. Apparently though he was borrowing from his own experiences.

I have a friend who knows more about the guy. He was going on about how when he was younger he crafted up this fictional crap to use in his stories and he spent so much time in it that he wound up believing it later on in life… Self-induced schizophrenia of sorts.

With a mind like his though. Having access to the world and it’s potentials beyond that. There is no doubt to me he had just done this to escape the intolerable boredom of real life.

It is our dissatisfaction that drives us… only for it to loop back around when we conquered something. It’s what a good routine helps us avoid thinking about, wears us out.

I love you peoples

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