"The time machine"

Was the guy who wrote that a prophet or something?

Because that is what happens.

The guy goes into the future and finds the surface dwellers who are completely ignorant, accepting, and just plain blaise about everything, and the morlocks that live underneath.

The morlocks eat them, and they just take it because they are dumb. The surface dwellers are incredibly creepy in this book, they are those kind of wide eyed people who just grin at you with that soul less look in their eyes.

True book though, albeit a metaphor.

Wow - u actually got through ‘Time Machine’ - u smart

Does hot tub time machine count?


do u just want to be called smart, dear? because u r

I’ve had way to much coffee and just getting sassy and silly.

Sorry about that. :coffee: :coffee::coffee:

Lol - it’s all good - no - but seriously no amount of coffee could see me through anything by Wells - I suspect he will always remain among authors who I know of

I sort of liked it. I like Ray Bradbury more than Wells.

Have you read ‘The Veldt’? - it’s a short-story - and it’s awesome and really creepy

Have you seen the movie that was inspired by this book, it’s called Time Machine as well?

I like Ray Bradbury, too. I have one of his books that looks like the same edition I used to check out of the library when I was 10 or 12.

dark sith can be seen pushing ’ time machine ’ underneath haystack in yonder field.
" no one will find it there ! " he says to himself .
take care

u r kinda adorable- what do u read?

reading is for adults, i am still on picture books !
take care


not very nice are we.

Not only is intelligence used very poorly in this awful place i would have been able to read more and longer and wanted to if my life had not been ■■■■■■ completely.

So, with all due respect, which is none at all, ■■■■ you.

what exactly seems to be a problem?

your offensive comment, what else?

which one of my comments do u find offensive? was it me calling u smart? I was being sincere

yeah like pan said, we are on the burn train…
yet im completly clueless which or what we are burning

nah, it’s the first one, it was pretentious.

I hear so much of that everyday, it’s getting very very old.

wow, you got through the time machine, u smart.

and no im not smart at all really, i’ve been a moron my entire life.

i am not sure how could anything i do or say be getting old since we are perfect strangers.
i was not trying to offend u in any way. please, take care