Has Sz changed the way you look?

Today when I took a picture of myself I thoughts I looked awful. My eyes were dull and i looked apathetic. It might be the meds i’m taking But my face has always showed how i felt inside. Only a few months ago i looked bright eyed and rested. Hope not losing my looks. If i am, could i regain them ?

I used to b quite pretty…I’m not any more. I used to b a size zero, now I’m a blob at 10 and a half stone. My face is fat, my eyes r hooded…I’m 40 going on 60…I look awful right now. All that thanks to the drugs. I’m on a diet now. I don’t want to be a size zero again but 9 stone would b nice. That’s what I’m aiming for anyway. Nothing short of surgery will give me my looks back and I can’t afford that so basically I’m ■■■■■■! I wish I’d have known about the injections in the beginning. Then I wouldn’t have put on this weight. But nobody discussed the different meds with me at all and that’s disgusting to me now.

eating healthy food , lots of sleep, drinking fresh water, brisk walk (exercise) these will all help .
take care


Yes - its the meds Im sure. Remember although the meds are helping, they are toxic to the body in some ways. Kind of like chemotherapy. I looked at a recent photo of me, and I looked like death

I second what darksith has said, so true, so true.

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Before med i looked aggressive, with mad look, no person willing to mess with me. now with med my eyes are dull i look naive , that people try to bully me… We cant live without med and with med we are just elderly…lol

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you said it. i could show you ID pictures before and after diagnosis.

on medication i look meaner… if you see my health card photo, or if anyone would, there wouldn’t be a shadow of a doubt that i have the schiz diagnosis.

i don’t take meds anymore.

Sometimes how we see ourselves has more to do with how we feel about ourselves then what we actually look like.

@jaynebeal I just wanted to say that I don’t think you’re overweight. I had to convert stones to pounds but I’m around 140-150 lbs, 41 and 5’ 5.5"

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I look older, balder and after but none that is due to meds. Just age. I’m sure I would be completely bald if it wasn’t for meds. And its hard for me to strenlessly exercise due to smoking. I use to show no expression with the 100 yard stare and my arms didn’t move when I walked. I also didn’t care about my appearance because I didn’t like people making eye contact with me. I thought it enabled them to read my mind easier. Still don’t like it when women give me that eye contact thing. But that is wear now that i’m older.

I’ve had photos like that. When I was in a negative swing, taking a picture of me would be like taking a picture of a lamp, I was that inanimate.

I have a face and head and arms, but I didn’t look human. I’ll looked like a wax figure just lumped there, or a corpse with eyes open. Even now, my emotions don’t show through on photos.

But I “look” better. I look alive now that my meds are good and I can react to stuff.