Has anyone heard of new sleep med, Quviviq

I’ve been on a benzo flurazapam for 3-4 years. Now they don’t manufacture this drug anymore. So, my psych doc prescribed a new med for sleep called Quviviq. Has anyone heard of it? Can you give me some feedback? I’m a little concerned about benzo withdrawal.


My insurance doesn’t cover that one. With a GoodRx coupon it’s over $483 per month

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Sorry I posted this, never hear of that med


Daridorexant at a dose of 50 mg (the maximum recommended dose) showed significantly greater drug liking than placebo … in recreational sedative drug users.

Have you ever tried melatonin with L-Theanin? Just wondering.

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It provides a calming type stimulation/focus its not for sleep

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I use Solgar melatonin 10 mg. It helps a bit.

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I take Quviviq.

It’s very similar to Ambien without the weirdness.

It just makes you sleepy.

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