Quviviq 50mg for insomnia, a review

I asked the forum if anyone had used quviviq for insomnia about a week ago and didn’t get any replies.

It’s a new medication so I didn’t think many people would have taken it yet.

I just wanted to say that it works really, really well.

In about fifteen minutes I get super sleepy.

It has a weird feeling to it, but not quite Ambien-y.

Stayed asleep all night the nights I’ve taken it.

They’re brand new, but I got them free through a special pharmacy in FL.

I super recommend.


I’m happy for you. Unfortunately, my primary dr wants me to get sleep meds from my pdoc. But the county mental health place I see my pdoc at doesn’t allow any controlled substances. She gives me Doxepin during the times I sometimes go through when I can’t sleep

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