Has anyone had polydipsia?

I have dealt with this, even to the point of hospitalized supervised water restriction.

I’ve heard that it’s unlikely to occur outside a medical condition or severe mental illness, even specifically schizophrenia.

So, I was curious if others here have battled with it?


I have the opposite, I forget to drink water and end up with a headache as a result.


no i can’t say i ever had problems with that…

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I’ve never had it,

But I know someone who did.

After he was struck by lightening he felt he was always thirsty.

Drank way too much water.

The doctor I worked for said it was psychosomatic.

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Hmm. . .

Well That Explains It.

It Still Matters To Me. . .

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

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Yeah, Mrs. Dipsia was a babe.

But seriously, I probably have that. I drink a lot of soda and I thought I was addicted to caffeine and soda but if soda ain’t available I’ll drink any liquid around like juice or flavored water. And a lot of it.

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Like how much?

I was drinking ~7 L when I was hospitalized. I mostly was only drinking when awake. Well, drinking or peeing. It made my electrolytes all out of whack.

You can get very seriously sick with electrolyte imbalances. You can even die from it.

From two-three liters a day.

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You should be okay then.

I mean, maybe not if that’s all soda…but that’s a different problem. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have had it while inpatient
I think I stopped before it got too dangerous
I thought I was playing a peeing game with the staff and drinking litres of water v er y quickly
Or another thing I was doing is having 4 coffee teas at a time over and over.
Or I’d try to drink sauce or pot noodles but just the liquid
Or water through my nose in the shower
Don’t remember much else
I also had a high thirst for so many years but I think that’s unrelated

Amazing that you had to be supervised
Well done them keeping you safe

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I’ve had polydipsia for many years. One year, I was even hospitalized overnight in the ER a total of 10 times for it. Had to have IV fluid infusions.


could be diabetes insipidus

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Im drinking about three liters per day, alco free beer and coffee. That’s too much, i have to eat a lot of salt not to get low on sodium. I want to decrease it, but its difficult.

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Mine wasn’t. That was part of my hospitalization was a test for this. They restricted all fluids and put in a catheter.


No, my blood work is good.

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One time, during a psychiatric admission, I was on fluid restriction.

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