Has anyone had ECT?

If so, did it make you emotionally flat? Did you get better? My psyciatrist warned me not to do it, but I didn’t listen…

Yes I have done it twice couple rounds each time I think 6 in a row was the most my family could stand…watching me sitting drooling was hard on them.

I would like to give it a try, but I’m kinda scared. I’ve recently found DBT and it’s been a game changer, have you tried that yet? It’s a shoot off of CBT, but it’s more action based than regular CBT. CBT is about challenging your thoughts where as DBT teaches you physical things you can do to challenge those thoughts.

Mindfulness is good, but I find I like emotional regulation the most. Look it up, I think it’s mostly for anxiety, but I’ve noticed it also helps with my depression.

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I’ve never had ECT but I’m not against it. It’s never been suggested by my psychiatrist. I’m mostly stable now on new medicine. I’m going to also start DBT soon as long as it’s covered by my insurance. I’ve heard it helps a lot.

I’ve had 3 separate series, 6 weeks long, mwf. The first 2 were great successes. I had another psychiatrist for the third. Let’s just say that you need to trust whoever is doing that, and ask lots of questions.

Good luck and take care.

I’ve seen ECT do a lot of good. This guy had attempted suicide, and he was barely responsive to people. When he got the ECT he got a lot more cheerful. I think it hurt his creativity, though.

ECT seems barbaric to me. I feel as if it is very risky and that it is dealing with things we don’t understand.

A refined and more exact process in the future may be viable but for now it feels as if we’re just taking a taser to a brain and hoping it works


No, I have never had ECT, but I know it has side effects, for example amnesia. I hope not to need to have ECT, because it really scares me.

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No, and would never.

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i had it done…it actually improved my mood in the time afetr

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I’ve had around 50 ect treatment’s and I was a zombie. I couldn’t hold a conversation or think straight. I developed signs of a stroke, I couldn’t even keep my balance. I don’t recommend ect.


I havent even considered it

For a last resort it is fine.

It beats suicide !!

If I ever have ECT I would like them to play metallica ride the lightning whilst they electrocuting me :-):joy:

I attempted suicide so many times that I lost track. You have side effects, at first, which is why you are inpatient for the first three weeks of treatment and need to have someone around when you go home.

You go under general anesthesia like any minor surgery. They induce a seizure. The longer it lasts up to a point is best.

You may have a headache. You may feel nauseated. They monitor you closely. You have no memory of the treatment.

I’ve had 3, 6week, mwf series. I’ve made the decision to not have any more. They saved my life.

I’m scheduling appointments and waiting on people to call me back but I plan to go through ECT as soon as possible.

Had ECT, got over a year of events erased from my memory. No improvement, but my schizophrenia is treatment resistant anyway.