Has anyone got better from negative symptoms of psychosis?

SInce my first psychosis at the age of 26 I think I’ve had negative symptoms of psychosis. Might be depression might be negative symtoms not sure. Feel a bit depressed and no motivation to do anything like washing and changing clothes. Anyone else feel the same? Anyone got better? I’ve got better for brief periods but always end up in the same rut.

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Some days are better than others for me.

There’s a new med in the pipeline called “min-101” that treats negative symptoms.


when’s it going to be out?

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It’s in phase 3 now. So a couple of years. It looks very hopeful.


Great. I was readingabout it online. What negative symptoms do you have? 1414141414


dont put all ur bread in one basket. min 101’s effectiveness for negative symptoms is not undeniably proven.

I could handle the positive symptoms if I had my intelligence, reasoning, and thinking speed back. It really is the negative symptoms I hate most. I haven’t found anything to help with them among the antipsychotics I’ve tried.

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What negative symptoms do you have?

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Was up @Lowri…??? Are u asleep…!!!

I got better. My negatives were severe


Most folk are on antidepressants as well. That can make a difference. Talk to your doctor about how your feeling.

Exercise has made a huge difference for me but it took years. Those negs bite hard and it’s catch 22 sometimes. It’s great if you can do it…but getting off the couch is so gawdamn hard!


I have always had trouble changing clothes and with some things.Since they switched my medication negative symtoms seem to have got worse a lot like you describe (or it could be depression) no motivation concentration very flat and low mood etc.

I just started an anti depressant @rogueone suggested this might help so perhaps bring this to the attention of your doctor.

I have yet to find relief as I only just started Sertraline and it takes a few weeks to work. I hope you manage to find something that helps.

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How did you get better from negative symptoms?

I really don’t know. It just happened. I take high doses of 3 antipsychotics and an a mild antidepressant.

How long did it take? Did it happen quickly or slowly?

Slowly. Now I am happy with no negatives and no side effects

How long didyou have negative symptoms for and how long were you slowly improving?

I don’t remember. But it was gradual. You suffer from negatives?

I have mild negative symptoms, I still brush daily and take baths every other day, but I live in a messy state, because I don’t take the time to clean up. If I just allocated that time I’d be better off.

The main thing stopping me from going out and enjoying life is the pain in my brain whenever I’m stressed out, however. It’s not exactly a negative symptom, but it manifests like one.

Yeaj I’ve had them since I was 26 and 34 now. Got better for short periods but always go back.