Has anyone got a wish list?

i really want a Bonsai Tree for my window sill

has anybody got anything that they really really want?


a successful relationship and not just a casual partner…


A new brain - one that works


A Led Zeppelin reunion.


@Wave took the words out of my mouth. A nice, shiny new brain would be wonderful.


An ebook reader. Would pawn shops have them? :book:


a renewed, no hassle driver’s license.


My son to be ok again.
My whole family to live on 1 piece of land.
Be out of debt.
Be content with what is


to have my own ’ death star '.
take care


I make grocery lists, things to do list, and sometimes goal lists.

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Lost the old one? You ran this news flash I presume? :smiley:


My mother and I to be out of debt. I then would buy my mom all the things she gave up to help my son she needs a new stove. I can dream. I would take her to the beach!


ok, so i went out today to get some stuff on my wish list

this is the wish list i made this morning-

  • bonsai tree (main)
  • ice machine
  • band of skulls album cd (main 3)
  • martial arts magazine (main 2)
  • socks and some t-shirts

i wanted to go on a spending spree bc i got some money to play with but i couldn’t find anything i wanted :frowning: i looked at some bonsai trees in a garden centre but they were not very good looking so i left them and then the shopping centre didnt have a music shop or a magazine shop :frowning: had no time to do anything else
and i was pretty pooped.

i am so desperate to get my bonsai tree and my magazine that i am bursting at the seams (i need to calm down bc i am getting obsessed about it now :frowning: a bit manic as well.

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Where did you go for you tree? Did you go to a garden center?

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yes it was a garden centre called Dobbies and its the biggest in the area i think (20 min drive)

I hope they get some better ones in soon.

Here, some supermarkets will sell some very sad little tress. So the actual nurseries sell the more healthy ones.

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i’ll look online for a nursery for bonsai trees then, i hope they have some.

anyone else got a wish list?

I would really like a house and a job where I can use my artistic skills.

I would like to have the free time to program a video game.

I would like to cure Degenerative Disc Disease for K

I would like to own enough land to care for horses for K

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Surprised I’m the first to mention this. I wish for $1 billion. Cash please. Lol.

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@sasha if you could program a video game using your artistic skills :slight_smile: that would be awesome

and @Apokalypz i think we all want that lol