Does haldol or ablify works in stopping thought broadcasting ,anyone?

while I am on 5mg but it doesn’t stop thought broadcasting also tried risp didn’t work ,so what you think should I increase abilify dose or try Haldol or are there other pills that can stop thought broadcasting

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5Mg of abilify won’t stop thought broadcasting but 10mg might.

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did your thought broadcasting went instantly or did it require time for medicine to act

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I had thought broadcasting when I was first hospitalised. It took a while for it to go away. Like a couple of weeks. I was initally on 10mg then on 20mg. I think it went away while I was on 10mg.

I’m on 15mg now and still don’t have it.

There’s no guarantees though.

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I mean, I don’t think they make meds that target specific delusions. The meds aren’t stopping people from hearing your thoughts, they’re stopping you from feeling and believing that such a thing is even possible. Meds work differently for everyone, but I think you’d have better luck finding a med that eases your symptoms the most, then going from there with your pdoc.

Like I said in your other thread. I think you have perception problems. No one can read your mind. It’s not possible. Meds aren’t going to help. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take them though.

These symptoms get better with time.

I’m taking abilify 10mg for 2 months now, the reactions of people have lowered down, but there’s occasionally some drunk old man that lets me know it hasn’t passed. For example, one day I was thinking “my thoughts aren’t heard anymore” and he instantly said from outside “yes, they are still heard”. Or, i cursed at them cause i hate them, and they instantly said I was rude for saying that “introduce curse here, not writing it so my post doesn’t get deleted”. So, how about you guys? Any update?

I’ve been on abilify for a year. The voices have gotten better theres another part of the hallucinations I hear music. The radio has backed down doesnt bother me as much

This thread is going to get closed soon so let me get my hellos in. Hi @cbbrown how have you been?

The use of linguistic expressions that mistakenly describe the core problem that a person suffers from at the beginning of his life’s journey with the trouble of phonetic thoughts (voices in the public knowledge)

In 1% of the human beings who are infected with SZ
There are 2 different sources of thoughts broadcasting;each is existentially / functionally independent of the other
1-The first is the main source (brain /mind) ,belonging to the inherited psychological user ,it issues the thoughts in a normal way as it was before the sz,and the will of the user can control it

2-The second is the intruder (malignant) source associated with the things called hallucinations ,it broadcasting phonetic thoughts that cause all kind of trouble and suffering ,the user’s will cannot control its activity or the autoimmune or medication

The inhibitory drugs will affect the main source (brain /mind) and this effect will not be transmitted to the second source (hallucination),Because it is not part of the organic structure or the psychological component ,and above of this ,it has no specific cellular or chemical composition,it does not chemically affect the host nor affected by any chemical reaction ,because

The hallucination is absolute living energy ,they are self-directed and carry information ,and expresses it in the form of phonetic thoughts to the host’s perception

The current medication is not ready to deal with A smart living energy (hallucinations) treating the concepts of the higher mental processes of the human host !

The broadcasting energy of the vocal thoughts which produced by the hallucination always remains higher than the broadcasting energy of non-vocal thoughts (the self’s thoughts)

Consequently,the severity of the effect of the vocal thoughts on the chemistry of the receptors is higher than the effect of the self’s thoughts
So that,it attracts the self attention arrow with an excessive force that cannot be resisted by any means known to the humankind !

After occurrence of sz,a long time passes and there is no Equal point in strength between the vocal thoughts (H) and the non-vocal thoughts ( the self’s thoughts)

It take a very long time in order to disperse the vocal energy over time to reach its lowest value at the end of the host’s life, or maybe the number of years spent by the host is not enough to reach the lowest value

For many causes,the host must make self effort (mental,behavioral ,expressive and kinetic ) to overcoming the energy of the vocal thoughts Even if the person taking the medication

Im on haldol depot and i dont have this delusion. Dont have any delusions

The delusion by any meaning or/ concept is NOT the things that called hallucinations

What is ‘thought broadcasting?’.

Producing the self’s thoughts (mental messages) one by one in sequence

Those who pay a high price for stranger nomenclature,definitions,concepts and irrelevant theories ,they are those who get infected with Sz ,some of them lose their lives,others live in torment and constant complaints

Hello I’ve been ok. Still taking care of a bunch of animals but I love it

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I take 500 mg of thorazine daily and it stopped my thought broadcasting.

If you say "I take 500 mg of X daily and it stopped MY thought broadcasting "!
If that is true,how you can posting and write your sentences while 500 mg of X stopping your thought broadcasting !!
( your thoughts must be turned into expressive statements )
Stopped my thought broadcasting ,it meant practically your brain /mind are empty without thoughts !
You can not thinking,saying , post or write something

hi Zack. I am taking 20mg haldol but my symptoms did not long are you on medications?