Has anyone actually tried meetup.com?

I have meet up. I went to one meet up last year and ended up turning up to a club sober when everyone else was drunk lol…it was an ok night but not great as the people were like from 2 different generations older than me (as old as 50 and most were about 40, I was 23 at the time) and the music was 80’s which I despise…so I couldn’t show my full potential of socialising skills…but it was ok regardless once I had a few drinks I met this girl and we went to the casino afterwords haha…but it’s not as if i have made any friends from that one meet up…I’ve only went that one time and I think to actually make new friends (which I lack having) you need to go more regularly. However I think it would be good if you used the app to full potential, but you need to have that motivation of wanting to meet new people and not being too shy, but everyone on the app is in the same situation as you so you will find that actually a lot of people aren’t super duper socialisers or really extroverted but they are quieter and more introverted just like you! It’s worth a shot.

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I can’t do online stuff. I’m too paranoid to meet people online in person. Some people even try to do whole relationships online and I have no idea how as I can’t form romantic feelings over the internet, I need a flesh and blood human being in front of me.

I’ve been flat out of luck with the dating scene. I mean first I was out of it for years because of my ptsd, but now that I am much better and have done a lot of healing I feel ready again but I just haven’t had much opportunity. Plenty of cute guys at my job though :wink:

I tried it to play d&d. Roll 20 works much better for it though. I have 3 games going on right now that I pretty much meet every week for each one.

Years ago I agreed to go with a friend to a paranormal investigators meetup. It wasn’t a great experience.

i’m a member of a few groups and one of them is a mental health support group, it is very good, i havent been but i’d like to, the last time i wanted to go to a group meetup with sufferers and we were to pick music that we like to play and just lay down and listened to it :slight_smile:

there is a couple of meetups that tickle my fancy and one is at the science centre and the other is a cards game night, i’m trying to accommodate my friend who is a recovering alcoholic and one of these places you can get free soft drinks lol