Has anybody taken the MBTI test

I have taken this several times. You can take it on the Internet too. The first time I took it at the business school in Michigan in 1989 and I was ISTJ with the perfect T, but then when I have taken it later I have got different results ESTJ or ENTP. It is a fun test to be taken. After my result in 1989 I wrote in a paper that I did not agree with the results and then I had to go and have a chat with the Professor of Behavioral Science.

There are many sites that enable this MBTI test to be taken free.

Here is one.

Now I completed this MBTI test and I was INTJ.

I was intj. Never happier than dreaming up new s scientific theories. Lol. Described me to a tee lol

INFJ. The most doomed personality type on earth. :earth_americas: