Hard truth

Hey, i stumble on my old forum account and all my posts are preety much the same as my curent problems . Nothing has changed really.

I might have to face the fact that im not going to evolve, might as well keep spinning.

The only thing that changed is my relationship with the world, i am different, there is hope there but my thoughts are the same old recycled ones, peace


At least you can say you aren’t wishy washy.

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Haha i could look at it that way

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I’m going to fix your account, hold on.

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For every negative there is a positive. We just have to be super creative sometimes to find it lol

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Hmm. . .

The Hard Truth Is That In The Universe Of Schizophrenia The Only Truth Is That Truth Is Real.

It Isn’t A Fantasy. It Is The Fact That Dreams Can Be Real.

No Need To Let Go of That Reality.

No Matter How Lost You Become.

Truth Is More Than How Many Witnesses Saw You Write That Poem.

Even If You Were Alone, in The Darkest Of Nights, That Poem Was Etched.

It Is Now Real.

And That Is The Truth.

The Hard Truth.

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