Application to see a pdoc turned down again

So this was the 4th time I applied.

In their response letter they told me they can’t help give me a sleep medication to take together with my AP, and they won’t see me. Instead they referred me to the sleep centre. I doubt the sleep centre can do more than a pdoc can, so I guess I’m stuck. I don’t know what to do. I’m not sleeping well on olanzapine and I can’t get off it because of the insomnia in it’s wake. Well…at least if I can get facetime with someone at the sleepcentre they might get a idea what is going on and can possibly refer me back to a pdoc or something. I guess that’s the best I can hope for.


I don’t understand why they make it so difficult to see a pdoc. Here you just call and make an appointment.


I think there are too few pdocs in my country compared to demand. There is month long waitlists. It appears they are only seeing people who are in critical condition.


In Belgium we have a shortage of dentists. Takes months To get an appointment.


That’s funny. I called the dentist and got a appointment two days after. Maybe we can trade you some dentists for pdocs? :yum:


In Trinidad it is easy to get an appointment. I wonder if its because of low demand i.e. people not taking their mental health seriously and going for treatment or maybe people are afraid to enter the system. Could be good management too.

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Here where I am in England, you only see a pdoc if you’re dangerous or acute

My AP was decided on last week between me and a pharmacist at the mental health trust

Basically, we decided it, and a Locum pDoc signed it off - but only after I started reducing the AP by myself

He called me before writing the prescription to ask me what dose of my current AP I was taking.

I was just thinking that your organisation are the ones giving me these meds, yet you don’t know what I am taking?

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True all but one of my medication decisions have been made between me and my community psychiatric nurse rather than with the psychiatrist. I next see the psychiatrist in January, which isn’t as bad as not getting to see one. They really should be available to more people in shorter times but there’s so few of them in certain places.


This all sounds really scary.


I get great psychiatric care. I’m really lucky.

I’m sorry you can’t get the help you so desperately need


There is a major pdoc and therapist in my state / healthcare provider. But I’m lucky I have both and can also go to the ER for any crisis.


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