Hard sometimes to articulate 😰

My husband and I had a three hour long talk and he just gets frustrated with me cuz I can have something in my head but don’t express it correctly a lot. Plus he’s very articulate and ocd… but it is Like there is a glitch from mind to mouth or text. Does anybody else have this problem. Not helping my anxiety.


I couldn’t talk for 3 hours straight ! :joy:


Yeah didn’t help my TD. He’ll never understand but I wouldn’t wish it on anyone


Dang it…I’m starting to get that heavy weight feeling in pit of stomach that I’m an idiot and worthless!!! No, I just have to fight my stupid brain

I have this item with my husband sometimes. Usually I just get really frustrated and confused and yell.

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Yeah well I’m trying to keep anxiety down and now he’s asleep and I’m in other room wanting to yell. I’m ok now…I’m worth of being alive and wtf I’m on meds and sick. Not my fault his brain can’t interpret my words all the time and doesn’t have patience

You should try to listen well if you aren’t already doing it. Good listeners are good at expressing themselves.

It’s not that simple. I’m a very good listener and still have a lot of trouble articulating what I’m thinking.


You are right. I am a different person than I used to be and we’re adjusting. We both are working on communication. He lacks patience but will admit to it

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Yeah, true I am listening but sometimes my responses glitch

Well it can be different for different people. When I was a kid even I used to go through this problem but I once stopped and started to listen to the other person and then it got okay.

Appreciate feedback. Yes, I have to pay close attention to what he says or asks because we are getting to know each other again. I’m not suffering from aborted heart attacks anymore from meds. He’s used to spoon feeding me. But over last several months and been on a different med regimen and angry at a misdiagnosis. Am trying to let lots of stuff go because I’ve been kinda taking out on people

Sometime the speech flows,sometimes it’s hard to get my brain and mouth out of second gear. The whole, on the spot,instant processing of a response can be difficult.


Thnx for responses…isn’t it frustrating

I have this problem where I will jumble words together. Like once I said instead of I got shot gun I said go shotgun go. Or ordering hornworms I said hordering ornworms


Sometimes I have some difficulty articulating and occasionally I have difficulty pronouncing words correctly.


Ty again for responses. Really has helped me not beat myself up!

yes i have this problem, makes me look really odd. nothing i tried worked against it.


So so frustrating makes me want to isolate

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Haven’t accomplished anything today except play with dogs. Better snap out of it :cold_sweat: