Hard sometimes to articulate 😰

I’m sure your dogs appreciate the attention.

I’ve had troubles with articulating stuff especially when I’m speaking. I get a lot of mental blocks in the moment where I have to pause and try and think of how I want to describe it. It’s especially frustrating when the person listening says they understand what I’m saying, because more often than not they don’t. Not that I blame them, they’re just trying to keep the convo going along.

There’s just this intangible sensation that makes it tough to frame the ideas in my head to spoken words. It struck me in early adulthood, and made me think I was losing my brain.

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It’s so frustrating. Thank you for your response. I’m trying so hard not to fall apart because I am strong. But how many things do I have to accept and let go…ya know? No hallucinations or voices so ok that way. But the reality is I am allowing this to embarrass and humiliate me. My dogs don’t care at least lol…see ya made me laugh at myself. Progress…ty. It is what it is but I think I’ll chillax for the day and accomplish just not beating myself up anymore. That truly is a big task.

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Yeah, relaxation doesn’t hurt with the mental blockage. In early adulthood I struggled a lot with that, as I was frustrated with the slow of mental growth, if that makes sense. Or maybe it was just my mind getting less fluent. Frustration and dwelling on the mental stuff tends to snowball things. Until I found the right med for my condition, I had difficulty with mood and everything else, let alone maintaining a healthy outlook toward the world.

Just keep on keeping on, you’re doing well just looking into these things. Be nice to yourself, above all. Imagination can be a bad thing, especially when it comes to how I think others might be judging me or saying when I’m not there to defend myself.

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I’m working on a few things and seeking validation is hard but I’m getting better at it…change is hard


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