I'm not too keen on Easter Tbh

its just a sad time for me, idk why

I can identify with that yes

This is the first Easter I’ve missed my kid’s egg hunt. :frowning:

sorry @velociraptor

@shellys12 i think its just the death of a human being part of it that i just hate :disappointed:
i am disappointed that a human being like me can be capable of such cruelty,

i know its not what you would expect someone to say at Easter but thats the only thing i can think of, Death & Suffering, strange but true, sorry for being a drag.

i liked the popes message though

That’s a bummer @velociraptor Are you still in the hospital?

We can always continue discussing politics if you need some cheering up. (JK) :wink:

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Sorry you’re feeling blue. I hope you feel better! Take care.

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nice pic @Moonbeam

Good idea. Being right cheers me considerably. Still in the hospital for at least two more days. Going bug nutz.

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It makes me kind of sad too. Reminds me of better more innocent days.