Happy Easter Holidays

I have a few religious pictures, here are three …

The last one is Saint Nicholas (Eastern Orthodox Christianity) …


Many people in my society go to Alko, the alcohol monopoly, to buy liquor and wine for Easter, not me, I have not been in Alko in the past eight years …, but it is the Easter tradition here …

■■■■ easter.

The ritual of painting the eggs is real, it’s made to look like what it is not as people grow up.

To breed everyone, to make money.

Praise aster in her sweet cancer ridden butthole.

If it weren’t a ■■■■■■■ torturous puppy mill you would need not lie about the eggs though.

Very nice icons. Are you Orthodox mjseu?

I think I am a Christian, I like these Orthodox icons, I purchased these at flea markets.

I like iconography. Those are lovely.
Happy Easter! :bouquet: