Happy Birthday to my biggest celebrity crush, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje!

The year was 1997.

I was house-sitting/dog-sitting for a neighbor that had HBO.

7th grade is a confusing time for everyone, but totally adult and kind of badass watching “Oz”.

It was the first time I heard some unique curse words and phrases,

First full on dick I ever saw,

A lot of new concepts that I was completely unaware of.

It was soooo awesome.

But the best part was Simon Adebisi.

He was gorgeous, feared by all, and had an interesting sexuality.

I was totally in love with his looks and character.

The actor went on to be in many other shows and movies.

Is still pretty active.

Here’s some pictures of him being awesome:





And of course,

Him as the infamous Simon Adebisi:


Happy 55th Birthday!


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