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Hello Yo Yo’s … ,

(OR) Yo Yo , Hello’s … ,

Got an Idea … ,

Had a Kitten Once Before (???) ,

Had a Puppy (???) ,

Had a Birdie , Rabbit , Lizard , Snake … ,

e(Y)e Wonder , Would You L(Y)Ke to Share a Story of You and Them Together in thus Weirdo Existence of Sometimes Hopeless Wondering (???) … ,

If Your Animal Friend Has Passed Away Maybe Sharing a Fun Story will be a Reminder that They Will Forever be in your Hearts … ,

Somehow As we All Go Along Within these Odd Daise of Weirdness … ,

Here’s One of my Memories of me and my Last Pup Friend Lacy … ,

First e(Y)e will Add Her Nicknames … ,


e(Y)e Always Had Fun Repeating Those Names to Her and She Would Jus Roll Her Eyes … ,

Still Makes me Laugh … ,

Ok Story T(Y)me … ,

Before my Radio/Cd Player Stopped WOrking e(Y)e Would Throw in a Cd and Sing A-long to Albums Everyday … , Lacy Would jus Sit Around and Lissen … ,

One Dai e(Y)e Was Lissening to One of My Favorites and One of my Favorite Songs Ever Was Coming on and LACY Howled During a Part Where We All Howl … ,

It’s L(Y)Ke She Knew tha SonggG and Wanted to Sing to … ,

My Eyes Opened Quickly and e(Y)e Zoomed at Her and Was L(Y)Ke “OH MY GOD LACY THAT WAS AMAZING!!!” … ,

She Jus Nestled Back into tha Blanket and Prepared to Lissen Some More … ,

e(Y)e jus Stood there Filled with a Feeling of Happiness , Jus Wishing She Would Howl Some More … ,

But e(Y)e Stepped Back and Sang A-long to tha Rest of thee Album … ,

OK ,

So Your Turn … ,

Happi Memories of You and Your Animal Friends and Maybe Lite Up a Dimmed Heart of them Being Missed … ,

If they Still with You , Share Anything … ,

e(Y)e Love Animal Stories (!!!) ,



I had a beagle basset mix named Ziggy. He passed 2 years ago, june 9. I lived in a farmhouse with a friend of mine with tons land around, but mostly grass fields. ZIggy used go outside on 150ft chain mounted in the yard so he had a 300 ft circle to walk. He was a wanderer so had to keep him tied, unfortunately. Well we had a giant bees nest outside the rear corner of the house. EVery time i had to go away for work and my roomate had to look over him. ZIggy would park his ass directly under this giant bees nest and refuse to come inside. HE somehow knew that my roomate was deathly allergic to bees and wouldnt be able to force him inside. He would sit there supposedly grinning and almost mocking my roomate to dare to come and get him. He loved to be outside and never wanted to come in the house unless it was raining. My roomate often had to call other friends over just to get Ziggy out from under the bee bush when i was away. WE killed that nest almost weekly but always seemed to just reappear larger in a few days. THat was his spot, sleeping peacefully in the “bee bush” daring people to try and get him into the house when he didnt want to. HE was so defiant and so stubborn, he had such a grumpy old man personality. BUt he was my best buddy and i still miss him dearly, and cant help but to shed a few tears for him every few weeks. WHen i look at pictures. My little Ziggy Mon (Jamaican accent). You are deeply missed and your memories are forever cherished as many of my fondest memories of our escapades. Love you buddy.

I am working on getting his ashes made into a few beads that i can wear in my dreads so he will always be with me. DReads are tightening up nicely so within a few months he will be with me once again. Heres some pics of my best little buddy. He helped me train my 135lbs mastiff Zeus who is the best behaved dog on the planet thanks to Ziggys tutelage. GOod topic, even tho you got me tearing up pretty bad rt now.


She used to sleep with me to keep herself safe. She got lost and I couldn’t find her. Some jerks saw her but didn’t tell me about it until two years later.

He’s my oldest! Has 12 years old almost. Once he got stuck in the bathroom and peed on the toilet :smile:

She’s my youngest! Has almost 6 months old. She likes water, drinking water, playing with water, sticking her head on the water running in the sink :smile:

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Had a stray cat named Mr. Bigglesworth when I was maybe 14 or so. We found him outside in our back yard on top of the short chain link fence. He ran up there to get away from some dog in someone’s backyard. We took him to the front porch to let him go, but he was meowing at the front window. We didn’t know if we could keep him because our family doesn’t like cats and we didn’t have food for him. Well, after our Mom saw him we got to keep him after all!

Favorite pet because he was super chill.


Cute stories, everyone! @ATARI My sister’s dog used to howl when I played the recorder, the accordion, or when I let the air out of a balloon slowly to make it squeal. My current pet rabbit, just sits there and listens to me practice my instruments. No reaction, unless I accidentally squeak on the violin. Then her ears perk up. She hates when I whistle though, so I do it all the time. Not to be mean, I just want her to get used to the sound, because I like to whistle when I’m happy. She likes when I sing, though. She perks up her ears and sometimes comes to me for pets. It makes me feel like an animal whisperer, haha. Like Dickon, from The Secret Garden.

I thought I should include this picture of her yawning, because it looks like she’s laughing.


Great Photos Everyone (!!!) ,

Thanks For Sharing (!!!) ,

Thot it Would be Cool to See Some More , , ,

ALSO Your Stories with them , Be it Cute , Fun , Even Sad , to Get it Out and Maybe Give em a Hug and Let em Know Everythings Gonna Be Alrite … ,

Happi Animals are Tha B_E_S_T Animals (!!!) ,

and Sad Ones too , , ,

e(Y)e Mean , We ALL Get Sad Sometimes … … …

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