Coincidental or not? What do you believe

Hi again, I’v been going through loads of different posts here and replying to a good few. I just don’t get one thing, If 99% of us are having hallucinations then how are they so simluar? Not all of them I can relate to (but I really enjoy and learn from reading them) I mean I read some peoples visions and they sound as I seen it, with just some minor differences. Does that really sound like the basis of a personal delusion?

I already admit and strongly believe that I am not hallucination, In other words I believe what I hear and see as much as people I hear and see through my life are real. This only confirms my “delusion” really isn’t a “delusion” or am I reading to deep into it?

I would love to know if everyone believes they are hallucination or if they believe what they see inspite what doctors are tell them.

What’s your opinion? They are doctors and they study this so they’d know better and more than we could?
There doctrine is wrong and the books these doctors read and studdy are writing by people that have no idea. Therefore when a doctor reads/studys it’s infact a false teaching

I think it’s a matter of insight. When I’m seeing things or hearing things, I completely believe that they’re real. Later on, when I’m lucid, I realize that those were hallucinations.

Sometimes, when psychosis hits, it impairs your insight and judgment. And you can’t distinguish between reality and hallucination.

Hope this perspective helps you some.




That is something to ponder.

I feel that some of the commonality is just due to the fact that we’re human and growing up in this century and there is a common life experience in this era. The schools are all basically on the same page through out the world, the doctrine we all get exposed to has a common thread. Even small news is global now.

As far as doctors, they are on the outside looking in. So they don’t know exactly what we see, but they do see the forest for the trees. Not every pine tree is the same, but there is a similarity among pine trees. Odd analogy I know, but it’s the only one that came to mind.

Of course when I’m in the thick of an episode, of course it’s real. It’s later that I get proven wrong. (thank goodness) Some beliefs will never shake, I just have to accept that others see reality differently. They have to accept that I see it differently.

Sometimes it causes problems, but all parties involved work around it. I can logically know that something isn’t true, but in my heart it still feels as real as always.


Schizophrenics have damage to the same parts of the brain so of course they will c and hear similar things. It’s just a brain disease. Nothing more… no telepathy, no spiritual Bollox. Just a very debilitating illness. Xxx

Reality is subjective. Technically our reality in psychosis is just as real as the reality of the Pdocs that say we are psychotic. Think of the beginning of the movie ‘The Matrix’. It’s all just electrical impulses in our brains. So there’s no 100% way to tell what is truly real and what is not. There is just an agreed upon reality shared by the greater majority of people; everyone else is in psychosis.

It’s like telling Hitler or the nazis that they are evil. Most everyone on the planet would agree but they probably wouldn’t simply because their view is different and we just can’t comprehend how they don’t see themselves as evil.

And yes, I have often wondered why many of us have the same hallucinations and delusions and felt that there has to be some connection.

A doctor communicates with his patient via verbal communication.

Thus in turn, a doctor could communicate with a patient via the use of two tin cans and a piece of string.

Despite this limitation, the doctor seems to think that he knows what is going on in your little old brain via such communication. The doctor seems to believe that the information that travels across a piece of string is suffice enough in measure to see into your mind.

Thus your mind, in your doctors opinion, is so small that significant portions of it can be suspended across a piece of string per doctors appointment.

the doctors and shrinks do not know what they are talking about, can an average person talk with authority about a car engine when they are not a car mechanic.
can a person talk with authority on the feeling of the sea washing over your bare feet for the first time when they have never experienced it .
there is an etheric web that wraps it self around this world which connects us ’ humans ’ to something greater, but we do not want to look because normal mankind are afraid of the darkness.
take care

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My son and I actually touched on this a bit this morning. Randomly he will start a conversation with me regarding his beliefs. His beliefs are the same whether he is in psychosis or not. He has every right to belief what he wants regarding the spiritual and I support that. I even tell him that I don’t want to take away his schizophrenia for lack of a better word. For me the problem is when these beliefs or symptoms take control of his life. I believe in telepathy, spirits etc and some of the questions he has are valid questions that I do not have the answers to. If we can find a balance between him seeking the answers that he wants and living in the physical then in my opinion we both win :smile:

This conversation started this morning because he showed an interest in what I was reading here on this forum. A couple of times he has talked about joining. @SurprisedJ & @kidsister I told him about the both of you being on the forum and how you guys make it work. I would love for him to have the opportunity to discuss his beliefs and what he is going through with others that feel the same way and are going through the same things. I told him I would be happy and proud to have him introduced to everyone. So fingers crossed my son may be joining us here. I will email him the link and leave it up to him to join on his own time.


I hope your son gets on the site he sounds like a really interesting young man. I’m glad he’s getting to the point of being interested in something like this. I know this site has helped me a lot. I always come away with a new idea.

I feel a little bad at times because it’s the kid sis who found this site and started posting on the sibling section of the old forum first. She left the site up on our computer once and then I began to read it and now here I am. I really value this site. :smiley:


Hard to say. Th people sharing hallucinations are a small sample size, so who knows? My hallucinations when I even recognize them are quite different than what I read here.

My doctor told me ok there are three possibilities here (after I explained a belief of certain ‘hallucinations’) 1: you’re lying and just want attention, which I don’t believe is happening. 2: you are experiencing hallucinations and paranoia as a result and I can treat these with medication. 3: there really is something more going on in this reality and I just can’t see it and i don’t know about it
This was good for me to hear. And I hope you take it to heart and embrace this awakening to reality as I have! It’s scary at times its exciting and fun at times. But learning and being in control over your perception is key to not losing it and having a hospital worthy episode. :slight_smile: can’t wait to hear what you decide to do with hallucinations

I like what I read there. Very good visuals. I agree, people fear the unknown. And those of us that have ripped the veil are labled as ‘mentally ill’ and are essentially feared as a result … my ex told me that in other countries and during ancient times sz were revered and celebrated as being able to ‘communicate wit the gods’. Not here in blindfolded america

They aren’t my gods, but yes they talk with some people max.

We do see very common things sometimes, and some people, normal sane people see the things we do sometimes as well. I’ve also had other things happen also that proves to me at least this is no disease.

I can’t believe they do it to people and keep it from them, the people have no clue at all.

Surprised j, my experience can’t be due to time and culture, the things that i have seen have been spread out throughout all of human experience, every place and every time. Graham hancock’s: elves, aliens, angels, and ayahuasca video on youtube explains many of the things i’ve seen, and people have been seeing those things everywhere and everytime as well.

The only way to catch a glimpse of the unseen is by hallucinations, sometimes they come and show you without you wanting to see, and sometimes they never go away and want you to kill yourself as they have recently told me.