Hallucinating people in public

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and I need to ask if anyone else has ever hallucinated a person in public. Where you start a conversation with someone who actually isn’t real? I think I do this and I’m not sure because it’s always when I’m by myself even if for only a short time. Like a month ago I met a woman who just started talking to me in the bathroom (and we walked out into a line together where she didn’t order anything and no one had asked if she wanted anything) like we were friends and she said she hadn’t met anyone like me it’s always that way. That they haven’t found anyone friendly like myself and we exchange numbers and whatever after talking a long time. This woman I spoke to for like twenty mins and then went back to the car to see my mom and daughter. I never hear from these people again and I never have a name or phone number in my phone.

It’s or me so paranoid I’m not talking to anyone and I’m doing this in front of strangers. It’s actually making me feel sick thinking about it.

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Take a picture or record the conversation secretly?


That’s a good idea I will have to do this next time. I always get a weird feeling toward the end of these conversations that I just can’t shake and it makes me wonder if my mind is trying to tell me something.

Hmmm I don’t know for sure. It can be hard for us. Sometimes I wonder if I hallucinate bugs :disappointed: But when I point them out to people they always see them so I don’t think I do.

I do hallucinate people sometimes. However they are only there for a few seconds then vanish. It’s never an extended thing. It can be surprising. I really just assume they’re a normal person until they’re gone.


I’ve hallucinated bugs and rodents since I was a kid when I’d get stressed out/sick. Now when I’m over tired and stressed out I see rodents again but I see bugs wen I get stressed out and washing my hands helps. It sucks.

But the people I don’t know about. I hope they’re real becUse that would mean I’m just talking to myself in public :neutral_face:

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