Halloween is next month!

I have been many things in the past, like a zombie cheerleader and candy corn and silly stuff.
I don’t think I will be doing anything special this year however. I get a little nervous when it comes to costumes because a lot of them are culturally insensitive and perpetrate harmful stereotypes. But I am interested.
What are your plans for the Halloween Holiday? Are you dressing up? Are you handing out candy?

I get a little nervous about all the children walking around at night and I get especially nervous for my pets. I used to have a black cat and we would have to keep him inside on Halloween just in case some people wanted to play some tricks.

I don’t have any particular plans. I live in an apartment building with a locked door so no kids will come knocking and I don’t like to dress in costumes but I totally love Halloween.

I miss riding on the the backs of trucks around neighborhoods. Hm. Now that I think of it, I suffered a pretty bad head injury from running into a metal swing set at full force. Then got two concussions many years later. Ive had a lot of head injuries! haha

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My sis set up a “candy booth” in our front yard last year.

I thought it would be funny if she made the booth a psychiatry booth and dressed up as Lucy. No one else got the joke, but it amused me on many levels.

She got a bunch of pumpkins together to make a sincere pumpkin patch and was hoping that I would be Linus

She even got me a blue blanket.


My niece told me she wants to be a vampire this year…which would be her first ‘scary’ costume yet…we’ll see. I’ve always got a good share of the take when she has gone out trick or treating on Halloween.

My first girlfriend used to drag me trick or treating with her…she was one of a kind…we’d be the only 14 year olds in the entire neighborhood out knocking on doors. One year she was little red riding hood and I was the wolf…I was more than a little embarrassed to be out there trick or treating but my choice was that I go with her or she would go with some other dude…


I love the Halloween season, but I really do not like the fact that strangers are ringing my doorbell at night - wearing costumes to hide their identities does not help my paranoid anxiety any.
Good thing we did not get too many Trick or Treaters last year

Im excited for halloween, I am dressing up as a sith lord :slight_smile: @darksith may the force be with you

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“Look Charlie Brown, it’s the Great Pumpkin”!

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do the dark force proud levelJ1…may the force be with you too…
i sense the force is strong in you…
take care