Haldol; blurry vision


Haldol and blurry vision @pianogal

One med they often give with Haldol is Cogentin. Cogentin sometimes causes blurry vision.

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Do your docs want you to stay on it? Are you new to this life of sz? Maybe a med change. Sounds kind of scary. Do you need to get out much? Can you? Sorry about all the questions just trying to know what to say next. But I am listening…

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Are you trying to tell @Pianogal


I was taking both until yesterday. I got switched to Abilify. My vision was blurry, but it’s still a little blurry now


When I was switching from Haldol to Zyprexa two months ago, I got blurry vision. Once I got completely off the Haldol it went back to normal within a week. Hope it does the same for you!