Blurred vision from meds

Im on haldol low dose and STILL get blurred vision. Is really annoying, its not much, i can read and everything, but the problem is this feels weird. Anyone else got this?

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Yes. My vision, even with corrective lenses, was blurry for a long time with Haldol. I take 15 mg per day. But I’ve gotten used to it and my vision is fine now, aside from needing glasses

How do you find haldol? 15mg is a lot. Im only 5mg. Are you on any AD meds?

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Yes. I take citalopram. I’m being told I’m still delusional so I guess it’s not enough. I’ve tried almost every available drug to no avail

What was previous the most effective med? Or haloperidol is?

Most antipsychotics affect your sight some more some less. So just try some until you find one that doesn’t affects your sight to much.

The med I felt best on was Invega. But I can’t afford it anymore. With GoodRx I can get it for $1,000 a month. I don’t qualify for coupons because I have Medicare. Even with Medicare, I can’t afford it because there’s a donut hole with all Medicare plans where once you reach $4000 in what you spend as well as what the insurance spends, you have to pay almost 50% of the cost of your meds until you reach the catastrophic range and then you pay a lot less. I don’t qualify for Medicaid.

Isn’t Invega pills gone generic. A frind of mine buyers the 9 mg pill to a month for just 50 dollars.

I can’t get the generic for that price. I’ve tried every which way possible

The cheapest I can get it for is $160