Hah 1 player 2 player

My cousin was done using his 360 so I asked if I could use it to for a LAN setup over here. He approved.

Got a second copy of gears of war 3… was testing out the network play…

Wound up playing some 1 player 2 player… if you’ve played gears of war you might see how its possible.

Post one character up in one place… post the other on the opposite… if you can find a place with only 2 entrances…

From there its just swapping controllers… clear a side, switch, clear the other, switch back… was challenging still but almost easier than trying to cover both sides with just one character…

It would work the same on a single console… perhaps even be easier…

I was tickled by the whole experience… can’t wait for tonight when a few friends come over to fill the additional slots… I know one of them is pretty interested… the other two I haven’t heard back from yet… but we did play some halo a while back.

and now boredom returns… time to eat.

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I have a couple of friends coming over tonight to play street fighter 5. Really looking forward to ut. Might have a couple beers. Hope your gears of war party goes well

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I’m going to an AA meeting tonight guys xoxo :beers:


ah whats up samps!

thanks @brucewillis… people might be showing up within the hour here…

@sammyp hope your night goes well man… take care

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Come to australia and play street fighter :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wish!!! I would live on the beach in a tent. If my probation officer would let me leave the state.

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Oh Sosy…

How I count the ways :speak_no_evil:

I’m having before meeting panic attacks in the car.

A song on the radio was just on like “I got spirits in my head and they won’t go…” Then I herd a voice in my head say “he hates us.”

All day man… These ■■■■■■■!
Anyway I’m headed in this meeting… :v:

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Good luck, Sammy P.

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