Halo 2 PC Online Group

(mods I put this in diagnosed so it won’t close after two days)

Trying to see if any one wants to play this online…

Windows 7 has issues with playing Halo 2… vista 8 and 10 don’t…

2ghz single core or equivalent
1 GB ram
7-8 gigs installation space

Xbox 360 wired controllers are available on amazon for 30$

Xbox live is only required for voice chat or hosting parties… I have XBL gold and cost host sessions when I’m online. We could communicate through this site as our nexus via a private group. When people want to play they just post to the thread so people could be aware they are online.

Anyone interested respond here or send me a private message… if I get enough responses I’ll get a private group going.

@daimon @barkingdog @anon31257746 @minnii @Svvs @apathy @astefano @brucewillis @MadCapPainterMauditTha8th @treebeard

Anyone else out there… you are invited…

I’ll have the game early next month. about 12 days from now. A private SZ halo group sounds pretty cool to me…

I’m aware some of you are busy… but it’s a play when you want leave when you want kind of ordeal…

Spread the word

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@dudius @turningthepage @odysseus1 @flybottle @mortimermouse @Anna

(Can only mention 10 users per post)

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What is this game @SoitGoes ?

Hmmm… I don’t know where to begin.

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You have to try and catch butterflies. Whoever collects the most wins :slight_smile:


Don’t have the time or money but it would be fun

Well I’ll try to get it organized if you are ever in a better situation for it

So… its 2552…

Humanity has begun to spread across the galaxy thanks to a breakthrough in subspace travel… They have established human colonies on various planets… unfortunately the ran into trouble… \

The covenant a collection of alien races, much more advanced than humans, have determined human beings to be a pestilence and are focused on eliminating them.

The covenant are attacking a planet called Reach, humanities most populous colony… it’s a turning point towards humanities demise as the aliens barrage the surface of the planet with super-heated plasma melting most materials on the surface into charred and cracked glass.

Humanity was not lacking a trump card… in many ways human science was superior to the aliens, who primarily obtained their technology by studying the remnants of an ancient race, the Forerunners. However genetic science and a more resound top to bottom understanding of physics, chemistry, and genetics allowed the humans to engineer super soldier… in homage to the Spartans of Greece these armor clad bio-enhanced trained from early childhood soldiers were called Spartans…

The first wave of Spartans is a mystery in the series… the first game starts out with the player controlling a Spartan II… it’s not just any Spartan II… it’s the Master Chief… the highest ranking and leader of the Spartan IIs.

Out of the original 120+ kids genetically selected and abducted into the program… only about 80 made it through the bone and muscle augmentation and gene therapies… By the time the battle of Reach was occurring the count was down to 64… After the battle of Reach… there might be only 2 or 3 remaining.

With reach a lost cause… remaining human ships were told to initiate the Cole protocol… which meant they’d scramble and erase their ships memory systems and make a random jump out into space. This was for the protection of the location of the Earth. If the covenant found humanity’s home planet… The war would be over in a matter of days and humanity would be extinct.

The Master Chief wasn’t on the surface of Reach where his brethren died. He was in cryo on a ship that had a special mission… something that would have given the humans an upper hand, but the Covenant struck first and this ship the “Pillar of Autumn” was called into battle.

The first game starts right after the Pillar of Autumn initiates the Cole protocol and makes the jump. Of all places the ship arrives in a system with an artificial ring world. It is the first Forerunner artifact that the humans come into contact with.

The covenant had analyses the ships subspace disturbances and tracked its trajectory then, having faster ships, beat it to its destination.

Under an immediate barrage of plasma fire upon exiting warp… the humans are forced to land on the ring world… throughout this process the Master Chief is thawed out and that is where the first game begins.

Pretty cool right @waterway?

The actual game itself is a run and gun with vehicular combat… halo 2 grossed 125 million in its first week. It was very popular…


This is pretty much the ultimate site for halo 2 right now… they have all kinds of tools and enhancements for the game.

Search the forum for h2launcher… that’s all you really need.

Yeah you have an exciting ordeal going on here, but I don’t have the funds either…

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Sorry folks it would seem this games online services are totally dead… the only option is tunneling and that would get laggy as hell…

Halo 1 is still up but it costs 5$ more than halo 2… and I’m not really interested in playing halo 1

WOW I haven’t been on here in ages. Sadly I don’t play Halo. I’ve dabbled a bit in it since my brothers love it and I’m terrible at it ahahah. I like to fly around in ball mode and throw kill balls everywhere in the stage creator though.

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Sup anna? Yeah this idea sank pretty quickly

if you have steam(gaming service) though you can join our group

Why don’t you pick on of the many free-to-play games available?

ah I’m over it… Halo is the king of FPS in my opinion… I got excited… was looking to see who might want to shell out 20$ for the classic experience… then I found the servers were down and support long dead…

Halo CE is still alive thanks to Open Sauce… but halo 1 costs as much as halo 2 does still wtf…

anyways if you check the steam page… you’ll see I’m very much for the free to play movement…

Tribes was another game that was FTP I was pushing on people

Since people here likely have Steam, I got another copy of Portal 2 if anyone wants it. Just PM me and I’ll give you the product key.

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I’ve got portal 2 as well :+1: