Had to go to hospital June 7

I haven’t posted for five days because I have been in hospital. My landlady who is a nurse phoned
my pdoc and told her I wasn’t doing well: staying up until 3 or 4 in the morning on the computer, laughing and talking to myself and not showering or brushing my teeth. I was seeing and hearing things the first two nights in the hospital and now I’m getting better and I am out on a three hour pass. The doctor at the hospital told me religion and politics are sometimes triggers for people and I guess they were for me, too. I have to go back, now, but I’ll post when I get out.


Have you been taking your meds?

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my partner wanted me to come home last Tuesday while I was visiting my family because of the stress my brother was placing on me with all his blaming every thing on me rants. I was close to be hospitalized. anyway, I hope you are okay now.

Hope you are ok now and when you get out. Take care your life firstly. Then have fun on others, like computer.