Dreams-the lucid experience

Have you ever had a dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming? These seemingly altered states of consciousness are called lucid dreams. If you’re not sure of what they are they can be disturbing, but many people use them to solve the problems of their waking lives, or even just for fun. We’ll hear about this experience from a couple of dreamers, and find out about the science of lucid dreaming from one of the world’s leading researchers in the field.

Joining in? We’d love to hear about your own lucid dream experience. Has it had an impact on your waking life?

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i have had some bizarre lucid dreams.

One dream : I was in a public area inside a building i think and I realized I was in the dream, All of a sudden all the people in the dream looked at me and said “he knows”

then another character told me “quick hurry to that room in the distance the dreammaker is coming to wake you”

So I bolted for the room and i made it in there, Then I ended up at a park bench I think and was chatting to a couple people and I asked what should I do? "they replied gruffly “whatever you want”

so I saw a table with some bar stools and I didn’t like how short the stools were so I used my mind to raise them up higher and they did! I was amazed it worked.

Then I asked one of the characters “who are you”? and he glared at me and said “Wrong Question”

then I woke up.

such a strange yet interesting experience.

I lucid dream like heaven and hell mixed together, eaten, digested and shat out again.

That means I dream about sex and/or violence when Im not having nightmares

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All of my dreams are lucid. I live an alternate life there that is so fantastic I’ve become disenchanted with real life almost completely. It’s a blessing and a curse.

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I’ve had many. I also have dreams where I am in complete control of what I do, and end up problem solving and trouble shooting a lot of things. You have to be able to do this when confronted by titanic demons, searching for terrorists in maze like buildings, reporting them to special forces and listening to get the hell out of the building when they blow it… or nuclear scenarios where you have to either escape or shield yourself from the blasts…
I have also had dreams within dreams…both lucid. where i know i am dreaming and just going along with that life there and then go to sleep in the dream and have a dream, then wake up into my dream.
I also astral project and bilocate a lot in dreams. One time even my spirit, soul and body all separated so I was in 3 places at once.

These beat the old kind of dreams where the dream sort of just takes you along on its ride. I still occasionally have those, but mostly the lucid kind.

Anna, I share this with you. Dreamland is better than psychosis awake. If I could avoid nightmarish things I would prefer to say goodbye to “reality”.

Maan.talking about this makes my heart rate increase. I love lucid dreaming… even dream journaling